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  1. ArkansasDon

    The AR-15

    I use my AR15 for coyote hunting. I handload using Lake City brass which I anneal the brass, Dogtown HP Bullet, Benchmark powder. Anderson AR 15 Carbine, Timney Trigger 3lb, Yankee Hill Low Profile Gas Block, 12" ODIN Works Hand guard, Vortex Strike Eagle Scope, Nikon P Series 30mm Optic...
  2. ArkansasDon

    Small/light off road trailers.

    when I built my trailer which the project was ground up, I done everything: fabrication for the chassis to electrical to the last drop of automotive clear coat sprayed. I done 6 months of research & penciling my figures what I wanted to spend, what gear used for our adventures which came to...
  3. ArkansasDon

    Synthetic winch line question

    this is interesting. I just put on 95ft. of new 3\8" synthetic winch line. The company I bought mine from claims 18,500 lbs laboratory tested breaking strength. My question is " if I only spool out only 30 to 40ft as mention in the above post & use extensions I would get more pulling power w\o...
  4. ArkansasDon

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    in the Ozarks in our home state of Arkansas. Nothing serious, 2000 GMC Z71 1\2 ton stock 5.3 L w\ performance built 4L60E transmission, rear end ratio 3.73, went back to my old winch Badlands 12,000lb winch 95ft. 3\8" synthetic winch rope & aluminum fairlead\ Warn Trans4mer Brush Guard Winch...
  5. ArkansasDon

    Trasharoo alternatives

    Harbor Freight 2-3/4 cu. ft. tongue box. I built the trailer over a year ago, done everything including all the electrical. Build took me 9 1\2 months from start to finish.
  6. ArkansasDon

    Trasharoo alternatives

    IMO, you can not beat the Trasharoo. I line mine with a 55gal contractors trash bag were I keep a entire roll of them at the bottom of the bag. I mounted mine on the spare tire of my trailer & it rides nicely, serves the wife & I well. It's well design with many compartment's for all kinds of...
  7. ArkansasDon

    Any Handgun Hunter on here?

    I like the T\C Contender, well constructed, accurate & compact. I have a rifle in the 1st Gen Contender that is custom built in 7-30 Waters. The work done on this one was done by MGM Barrels (Match Grade Machine), Bellm T\C, Tony Gettel of Tony's Forends and Grips done the stocks. (shown in...
  8. ArkansasDon

    Who here reloads?

    Rifle, & Handgun. Press: LEE Classic Cast, Dies (Rifle) Forster, Dies (Handgun) LEE.
  9. ArkansasDon

    Any Handgun Hunter on here?

    I shoot 1st Gen T\C Contender with some custom work done. Chambered in .45 Win Mag. Shot this broken horn buck off my farm @ 26 yards.
  10. ArkansasDon

    Tent Bed Options for Sleeping Together

    my RTT I trashed the original 2" mattress. It was horrible to sleep on. After some research & suggestion from a few members over @ American Adventurist we went with Exped Duo 10 queen xl xw self inflating mattress. This mattress is like sleeping on our home tempurpedic mattress. What I like...
  11. ArkansasDon

    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    I know the battery spec to the VMax 125ah battery I have in my trailer, Renogy recommended their battery & size & I followed up with call to VMax too & the battery recommendation was correct for the solar system I have. What ever your issue is, you made it towards me & for what ever reasons you...
  12. ArkansasDon

    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    the problem is he didn't read the post entirely for its reason why I installed the NOCO charger. Yes Livin Da Dream, your correct on your statement for the NOCO charger. My solar system is what keeps my battery charged fully during camping. Having 2 Renogy 100 watt portable panels connected...
  13. ArkansasDon

    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    Here's the spec's
  14. ArkansasDon

    RTT trailer because I'm short

    trailer looks great. I know when I built mine lots of consideration was put into play since the wife & I are up in age: 66 & 59 yrs old. We both have no problem climbing in or out of the RTT or using the ladder. But I know some day I will have to sell this & go to a tear drop. We have the same...
  15. ArkansasDon

    New Zodi 9180 tent heater

    they are nice. I like the Zodi products myself. I have their hot shower system which I converted to 12v instead of being factory 6v. I looked for many years for what you have because it would work well for the RTT but with no luck. I ended up settling with a more expensive heating system...
  16. ArkansasDon

    Camp Stereo

    we the wife & I do more dispersed than public places, the last thing both of us want to hear is noises from civilization. I'm a business owner & my wife is in management for a local hospital. We are nomadic in our travels & choose to be this way. We do carry a weather radio with us & only listen...
  17. ArkansasDon

    Hunting Photos

    a few photo's of me over the years of my life hunting & fishing. 1st 4 photo's are of me taking game off my farm here in Arkansas, fly fishing outside of Bishop Cali in the mid 1990's & last photo was a Coastal Cali Blacktail taken in the mid 1990's. Some one mention trapping be cruel. I trap &...
  18. ArkansasDon

    good week-end hunting

    was good opening morning for Arkansas Muzzleloader Season (10\20\2018), we saw (Sally & I) quite few deer on the farm, 2 doe's right @ sunrise a young 5 point buck feeding on acorns & a nice 8 pointer working a rub line, which I took with my White Super 91 Muzzleloader in .504caliber. The buck...
  19. ArkansasDon

    How do you secure your trailer at home?

    I store it in side of a metal shop building on my farm.
  20. ArkansasDon

    Anyone use a genny along with solar?

    when I was building my trailer in the back of my mind was electrical, type of charging system I wanted off grid: battery size, type of battery, whether single battery or running 2 batteries paralle to supply the power for my 12v. gear & equipment. I knew I wanted off grid charging system: solar...