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  1. Bikersmurf

    Fifth wheel Battery Box

    I just picked this up for my 4x4. I thought a similar one might come in handy for anyone wanting to put flooded lead acid batteries inside their build. Normally it is not safe to have them inside... because they need to be properly vented. Solution: This box is designed to have a battery...
  2. Bikersmurf

    E350 Econoline front door limiting straps.

    I’ve recently learned that E-Series vans have a major weakness in the door hinge area. It’s not likely to become a problem on a low mileage van... but on my 23 year old Ambo, it is becoming one. Visual aide... The doors sheet metal isn’t robust enough to not fatigue over time. In this case...
  3. Bikersmurf

    E350 Cracks in front door from hinge.

    ‘97 E350. The sheet metal where the upper drivers door hinge attaches to the door has started to twist and over extend. Apparently it’s not an uncommon for the doors to crack... but how to fix. The door is is the Ambo, so replacing the door isn’t an option. Thoughts? I’m tempted...
  4. Bikersmurf

    E350 (Ambo) burning plastic smell in cab... vents?

    This morning when I hopped in the ‘97 E350 there was the distinct smell of burning wire insulation. Best guess is from the vents. It got worse while driving. Ambo unit powered down. google points me towards the heater motor &/or resistor. I swapped in a lower mile ‘01 blower a couple years...
  5. Bikersmurf

    Oil pressure gauge conversion from ‘idiot guage’ E350

    Every once in a while my ‘97 oil gauge reads low. If I fiddle with the connection an the sender (switch) it’ll go back to reading ‘normal’. I know it doesn’t measure pressure... other than it being more than 7 psi. If it wasn’t also that the oil pressure light also shines, I could more easily...
  6. Bikersmurf

    Any experience with electric motorcycles

    This looks like the perfect runaround to load up. Thoughts? How can it be only $269 including shipping?
  7. Bikersmurf

    Odd problem with backup camera monitor- electronic gurus?

    Last winter my monitor wouldn’t power on intermittently when it got too cold. I found if I left it on and wrapped a scarf around it. If I blew the heat on it it would come on and work perfectly. Fast forward, it has started doing it now when it’s warmer. I’ve narrowed the problem down to the...
  8. Bikersmurf

    HPOP Reservoir... 7.3 psd

    I’m recommending changing the oil in your HPOP Reservoir if you haven’t already. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Initial impression is that throttle response has improved, but so far I’ve only driven around the block and not gone far.
  9. Bikersmurf

    Can anyone identify this E350 seat?

    Now and then I could use an extra seat. Any idea what the middle seat came from? It sort of looks like it’s not bolted down. It looks like it could fit.
  10. Bikersmurf

    Low Vacuum warning light

    ‘97 E350 with 7.3 PSD Been chasing a number of things that have been making the (BRAKE!) idiot light come on. Fluid level now full Parking brake off Now only one thing left that comes and goes... Low Vacuum! Pump the brakes at idle a few times it comes on... rev it up for a minute and it...
  11. Bikersmurf


    Considering buying a Dometic 12v fridge. Looking at a CR-50... thoughts? What are you running?
  12. Bikersmurf

    Gas Delica yeah or nea?

    I’ve got a friend looking at a ‘98 gas Delica. Going to check it out with him. Anything to look for? 10k reasonable ask?
  13. Bikersmurf

    Short battery life. Kirkland battery quality or system?

    On average I'm replacing all 4 batteries at just over 1 year. Need some extra brain power to help solve this. Batteries: 4 - 850 CCA Kirkland starting batteries Charging: 215 A Mitsubishi Alternator (<1000 hrs) works 100% Head 60 max 40 cont amp 13.8v shore charger Loads: 5a fridge on house...
  14. Bikersmurf

    Samlex SSW 2000 W Inverter Over Voltage after switching to Blue Sea 7610 from Diode

    '97 Crestline Ambulance 215 Amp Mitsubishi Alternator Samlex SSW 2000 W Sine Wave Inverter Originally Equipped with a Vanier 250 Amp Alternator to isolate the House and Starting banks. A couple days ago, I upgraded to an ACR. Alternator is wired directly to house batteries to ensure the ACR...
  15. Bikersmurf

    How much lift from Moog 880s on E350 2WD?

    I'd like to gain a wee bit up front... ie 1" when the dust settles. The front end of my ambo weighs about 2800 lbs with the type 3 and 7.3. Current newer coils are 12.5" long at rest/loaded. Moog 880s are rated at 3006 lbs and 12" at rest/loaded. Is that 3006 per side? Moog 880 are rated at...
  16. Bikersmurf

    Fixing E350 Cruise Control - help needed

    97 Ford E350 with 7.3 PSD. Cruise has been completely dead as far as I can tell. Hasn't worked since before I got the rig 3 years ago. I'm a total Newb when it comes to cruise control and my web searches have helped me learn what I Don't have that could be the problem. Brakes all replaced...
  17. Bikersmurf

    Shifter wouldn't move due to ice. Solutions?

    After about 100 miles on the highway in crappy snowy weather, I pulled off the road. When I went to put the E350 in Reverse it wouldn't shift. After working it back an forth I managed to get it into reverse but not park. Long story short, the lever at the side of the transmission was encased in...
  18. Bikersmurf

    E350 Grill colour... Silver Rattlecan?

    I've seen lots of threads where people have painted them out black. Has anyone figured out a rattlecan that looks like the original Colour? I painted the rims 'Titanium Silver' which looked like it on the cap, but it's a much lighter/brighter colour. I wan't to keep it looking like a 'stock'...
  19. Bikersmurf

    Heat on Shore Power

    Here's What I've installed. I know most focus on off grid, but for the other six months of the year to keep it defrosted or at camp grounds. It's a kick space heater 120/240 v 450-1800 w. Any other solutions? Here's one I saw online...
  20. Bikersmurf

    I want to find a 120 V timer powered off 12v or battery backup

    I'm sure there are many ways to solve my problem, but I'm also sure there is a simple solution... trouble is finding it. What I'd like to do is plug in to shore power with a single cord and have the charger get constant power and have the block heater turn on at a specified time. Simple...