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  1. njtacoma

    Bring a Trailer Defender Auction

    Bring A Trailer has a Defender 90 on auction. I didn't realize there was a "safari" option that put the spare on the hood of the defenders vs the older series. Defenders are like Legos you can do almost anything to them.
  2. njtacoma

    Buying a van from Florida?

    I live in Colorado, which uses mag chloride on our roads. This is much better then salt, but results in some minor corrosion on the underside of cars and trucks. I have been casually searching for a diesel RB window Ford van. I found one in Florida at Shumate Truck Center and am curious about...
  3. njtacoma

    4x4 Chevy van pop up near Denver, CO Not mine, but I happened to drive by it in Golden last week, but wasn't able to stop and look at it.
  4. njtacoma

    Question on an engine code 97 montero

    I am going to look at a Montero that is showing a Check engine code that the owner says "The code comes up as FUEL BANK TRIM #1 and #2. I believe that means it needs a new mass air flow sensor at some point." Does that seem like the right interpretation? If someone has a link that points me to...
  5. njtacoma

    What wheels are these? Help please

    These wheels are on a 3rd Gen 4runner in Loveland and I can't find any info online. When I search I see the standard wheels or limited 5 spoke, but nothing indicating these exist. They appear to be an optional wheel perhaps dealer installed. Any help would be appreciated...