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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Exploring the eastern Sierras. Now one of the exhausts is very flat.
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    Defender 110 - buyers guide

    Haha woops, put a ? instead of a /.
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    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    First thing you should ever do to a 4.4 is replace the plastic coolant tee/bleeder on top of the engine!!!! Also above 120,000miles its smart to replace all the coolant lines and plastic header/thermostat tank as well, I think is is in the factory maintenance manual to change them around then...
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    Defender 110 - buyers guide

    I found this great article about defenders when I was looking at buying one(still and but when I get back to Australia) ']
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    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    I thought it had to be in tight tolerance mode to do the suspension calibration? The two times I have done a calibration I had it in tight tolerance mode but it was still quite slow to react to changes.
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    My Discovery Reads my mind and its not happy.

    I just jammed a random bit of wire in the unplugged connector and covered the whole thing in electrical tape. Mine started doing it while on a trip on the trails around Grand Canyon, I would be hiking and hear my bloody car from inside the canyon. I bought a new mechanism piece but never...
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    Lost Hitch Keys!! And what the biggest spare tire?

    I fit 275/65R18 BFG Ko2 under my LR4. Quite a squeeze, 100% deflated tyre and some swearing to make it fit but it does fit. 265/60 is a bit smaller so it should fit fully inflated. If you carry an aircompressor or have on board air just deflate it a bit if it's tight.
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    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    When closing the latches you don't put on the bottom of the latch, you push on or above the ribs in the middle of the latch and it closes super easy with no pain! It actually says 'push' on them but it's really, really hard to read. Took me about 6 months of ownership and sore fingers to learn...
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    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    Just measured 2 of my packs both are 2-3mm bigger in every direction external and external. I'm an Australian living in LA so still learning to use freedom units haha. I will go take some photos once this rain slows down. When stacked they lock together very well, you have to lift the tops...
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    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    I generally carry 4 Wolf packs, camp gear, tools, food, cooking gear. Tools and camp gear always live in the car because I live in a tiny apartment in LA and don't really have room to stack everything in a corner. I have a ARB small drawer/slider on the left with a Dometic CFX-40 fridge on top...
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    Coyote; aka my 96 D1 5 speed build thread

    What I really like about the Wolf packs is the 100% flat floor and square walls which makes everything not fall over and dividers are much easier to build. Aslo I can buy 7 of them for one of the same size Alubox style case. All the walmart/homedepot tubs didn't have flat floors and angled walls...
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    LR3 Transmission service and Leak....

    My old LR3 was leaking from the same place. I would put it in the hard but possible to do it at home category. I started to try and do mine but my LR3 was a north east car and a lot of the bolts were rusted so I ended up paying a shop. The Atlantic British vid shows they didn't remove the trans...
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    Tepui kukenam 3 mattress mod

    I would love a Exped to perfect fit my Ayer, the medium Duo is too small and then the LW+ Duo is too big. Tepui do have a new Siesta mattress that is meant to even more conforatble than any of their other mattress's but its $400 for the Ayer and $450 for the Kukenam 3 which makes the Exped look...
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    Dometic Fridge Sale at Backcountry

    Wow, the prices have really gone up. I payed $553 new with CA tax and shipping for my Dometic CFX-45W 2 years ago, the invoice didn't say it was on sale at the time. I didn't look at the prices of the new CFX3-45 till now and damn, $1070 before tax ans shipping!
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    New Defender News

    From LR head designer Gerry McGovern, “DNA is the DNA—don’t f**k with it.” Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern. I can't find the exact article I read with an interview with him pretty much saying LR are designing their cars as hard to modify as possible because they believe they are perfect...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Exploring Utah.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    When i got that email from LR I laughed for a good 3.5 minutes. LR have to market their cars to young rich kids somehow haha. $229(with parking) for 2 days of average pop music, no camping on site even though it is held at the same venue as Coachella Music Fesitval, no leaving you vehicle...
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    Suspension Fault C1130-66

    My LR3 had this code the whole time I owned it. It would only happen after about 20 min of dirt roads but never on even the worst streets. I know my front valve block was leaking as the front sank equally over night and the rear stayed level and pulling the fuses the front still sank. I bought a...
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    Random RIG Shots

    New to me 2012 LR4 after my LR3 was destroyed by a high driver who forgot to stop.