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  1. Desert Dan

    Scout Camper

    I wonder what the larger Kenai model will look like.
  2. Desert Dan

    mattress for the back of a 4runner?

    I'd take out the whole backseat and the you can make a flat floor (6 feet long) with head room for you and your dog. I put 2 layers or carpet pad and home depot rug and used different pads for sleeping.
  3. Desert Dan

    V8-powered Jeep Wrangler crashes Ford Bronco's party

    Toyota better get on the ball LOL .
  4. Desert Dan

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

  5. Desert Dan

    Anyone buy a Tremor yet?

    2020 Ford F250 TREMOR Ultimate Off-road Experience!
  6. Desert Dan

    The Grand Terrainer: 2017+ Ford F-250 and SpaceKap Diablo 8'

    Your Truck and Spacekap look great. I wish they would make a camper based shell with some optional windows, vent and insulation.
  7. Desert Dan

    Ford Superduty Tremor "off road" 2020 F250/F350.

    The Tremor has a softer sway-bar for more flex. I'm sure someone will come up with a sway-bar disconnect if you want more flex?.
  8. Desert Dan

    Ford Superduty Tremor "off road" 2020 F250/F350.

    2020 Ford F-250 & F-350 Super Duty Tremor First Drive
  9. Desert Dan

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    It will be interesting what Quigley does? Hopefully they will add a real T-case with low range and a mild lift?
  10. Desert Dan

    Adventures In The Marvelous Panamint Valley !

    Looks like a great trip!
  11. Desert Dan

    Ford Superduty Tremor "off road" 2020 F250/F350.

    Turn up the volume Some of the off road shots must be on the AZ Test Track near Kingman
  12. Desert Dan

    Trip Report: Death Valley Christmas

    It looks like a great trip. Wonderful country!
  13. Desert Dan

    ¿What tire size do you wish existed? But does not.

    Any size as long as it has 75 profile sidewalls!
  14. Desert Dan

    Gas can kill.

    I wish off road type 4x4 vehicles were made with larger fuel tanks or extra fuel tanks. I think an extra tank is a safer way to carry more gas. Jerry cans make it easier to fuel another vehicle if needed.
  15. Desert Dan

    Questions - new to Pinzgauer - about to maybe purchase 710K

    They seem like great trail rigs but probably not much fun on the highway. A newer Dodge or Toyota might be a better daily driver.
  16. Desert Dan


    The Bronco will probably be real similar to the Everest but with some different sheet metal?
  17. Desert Dan

    One more for today....F-250 to get MONSTER V-8 in 2020

    Ford recalling 4,300 heavy-duty trucks in Canada because axle may fracture USA Trucks too!
  18. Desert Dan

    One more for today....F-250 to get MONSTER V-8 in 2020

    Hear the Tremor 7.3-Liter V8 Roar Turn up the volume!
  19. Desert Dan

    Questions for off-road campers

    "Mom's Attic" Style for comparison