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  1. njtacoma

    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    Either on here or grassroots, you mentioned wanting jump seats for the back. Why jump seats? Do you still have the rear seat that came in one of the raiders? That would seem like an easier solution, and you could still have seatbelts for your rear passengers. Just curious on your reasoning for...
  2. njtacoma

    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    Glad to see you have kept on it! One of my favorite build threads on expo
  3. njtacoma

    "Very large heavy duty 4X4 truck" in CA

    4wd was a company that built trucks and they had a mode that used the ford cab. So it probably actually is a “4wd”
  4. njtacoma

    Single cab on crew cab frame?

    I realize this has been covered, but Ford offers a 205" Wheelbase in the F550 regular cab, that translates to 10 feet cab to axle, plenty of room for a 14' box and available with 4wd gas or diesel. With a little work, it would be easy to stay under gvwr. There is a guy on the inter webs that...
  5. njtacoma

    "Dadcamp" 2018 - Death Valley, CA.

    Great stories, thanks for sharing. Some of my favorite trips have been with my Dad over the years. Sorry about Goose, hope the repair is simple and cheap!
  6. njtacoma

    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    CONGRATS on the coming Baby! I thought those pictures of the independence trail, and the background of the camp pictures looked familiar. My family and I have spent some time along their at a different camp, Clydehurst. I love visiting the boulder field along the river. That is a beautiful...
  7. njtacoma

    Dirt worthy wheel and tire options for heavier campers

    Toyo has new load range F tires
  8. njtacoma

    MG Metalworks Van Build

    That is really cool! Not sure about this "more torque than I could ever need" bit :)
  9. njtacoma

    Thread closed -G500 "pur" rolled in Hollister :(

    I saw an instagram post with a picture of (I think) this G. No details, but it didn't look bad
  10. njtacoma

    Meet the Trot'n Turtle - Unimog U1300L Build

    Color looks great. Nice to see your attention to detail.
  11. njtacoma

    1976 Bethany Tent Trailer partially restored, lifted and modified for dry camping

    A friend has a Bethany, older than this one, dry well built! I like what you have done GLWS
  12. njtacoma

    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Oh my, yes! Please.
  13. njtacoma

    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Wow wow wow. So cool
  14. njtacoma

    The paradox of choice

    I have often said that if I came into silly money (millions and millions, hold pinky to mouth). I would wake up a week later with hundreds of bikes, wondering how it happened.
  15. njtacoma

    My SAS Mazda Diesel Expedition project

    Great thread Great truck (heads to Craigslist to look at Mazdas) Thanks for sharing.
  16. njtacoma

    Years in the ATV expedition across Australia's harshest deserts.

    I don't see a link to the video, is it available online?
  17. njtacoma

    7K of USA

    X2 enjoyed the work you have done thus far.