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  1. jkam

    WK2 Reliability

    I have a buddy with a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited with the Ecdiesel engine. Has 46,000 miles on it now. Been pretty rock solid other than having the check engine light from the exhaust problem. Just reset the code and it was usually good for 4 or 5 thousand miles before going off again...
  2. jkam

    Quigley Ambulance, 7.3, 20k miles, 96'

    I don't think I've ever seen an ambulance with the XLT package. Whoever ordered this one, went for the top of the line at the time.
  3. jkam

    Looking at Suzuki V-Strom 650

    The Wee Strom has become popular enough to be kind of expensive now. Especially the fancy versions of it. In 04, I paid $5400 out the door for mine, the first year for the 650. Now, they have one that's over $10,000.
  4. jkam

    Price for 2006 Suzuki DR 200?

    There are a lot of used bikes out there to choose from. Prices are all over the place. That does seem high to me, considering that bike and the other options you mentioned. I'd offer $1800 and maybe go up to $2,000, only if the bike is perfect and you really want it. That low of mileage, if the...
  5. jkam

    [Question] Poor man's top case

    I bought a Bestem top case off Amazon for $100. It came with a universal mount that fit on the rack of my Super Sherpa. It is a cheap knock off of a Givi. It is cheap, but it has lasted on my bike for over 7 years now without failing.
  6. jkam

    Van Or Truck Chassis

    My next RV will not be a van. I've had one now 11 years and the shortcomings became obvious over time. Vans are harder to work on, have much less leg room and you sit right over the front suspension giving a less than comfortable ride. I've been looking for a Ford F550 based RV now and haven't...
  7. jkam

    70 Series or Hilux

    Can you get the 79 series pickup there? That would be my choice.
  8. jkam

    Adventure Tool Company's 4wd Provan Tiger Build

    I'm waiting for the Super Sherpa mount. When will you have that ready?
  9. jkam

    2up light dirt bike recommendation wanted.

    Two other bikes I considered at the time were the Yamaha XT 225 and the Suzuki DR 350 SE. The Sherpa has a rear disc brake, at the time the XT did not, so out it went. Finding a nice DR 350 SE was impossible, I looked for quite some time, they are more rare than the Super Sherpa. So I...
  10. jkam

    2up light dirt bike recommendation wanted.

    I carry a Kawasaki Super Sherpa on the back of my RV. It's an air cooled 250cc street legal bike that is pretty bullet proof. It weighs about 290 lbs. so light enough for most carriers. I had a custom one made using three attachment points, the bike is very secure back there. It is capable of...
  11. jkam

    Prototype 156 watt solar panel, using no glass or frame.

    No flex at all, very stiff underlying base. My concern is that there is no protection for the cells that a piece of glass provides. They said there is some kind of coating on the cells but I'd want to know what that is and how well it works. Otherwise, they are light and durable.
  12. jkam

    Prototype 156 watt solar panel, using no glass or frame.

    Was at Arizona Wind and sun the other day finalizing a solar system for a friends all electric Winnebago. They had on display a solar panel that looked very durable, it was very light, having no frame or glass. Using just about an 1/8 inch piece of hard black plastic to mount the solar cell...
  13. jkam

    Propane and propane accessories, I tell you hwhat.

    I have a Wave 3 in my RV. It also came with the standard furnace. I don't use the furnace if at all possible. It's power hungry, uses a lot of propane and the worst, is noisy. Te Wave is silent, uses little propane and since it has no fan, uses no power. If it's really cold, I will run the...
  14. jkam

    Chevy pathfinder parts

    On my Pathfinder the rear was sagging a bit. I had Arizona Spring add a leaf and re arch the pack. It should last many years. A good spring shop can fix you right up.
  15. jkam

    Chevy pathfinder parts

    If the spring pack isn't damaged, I'd go to a spring shop and have them re arch the ones you have. I had a Chevy Pathfinder, many of the front end components were Ford. They used Ford to offset the axle pumpkin to the left as Chevy ones were in the middle and interfered.
  16. jkam

    Let's talk about step vans...

    I know a guy who converted s Snap On tool truck to an RV. His has the 5.9 Cummins and an Allison trans which is a nice combo. The problem I have with them is that you sit right over the front wheels, even with his air suspension seat it's a rough ride. And noisy.
  17. jkam

    Forest Sevice Hotshot Crew Truck.

    I think the 4x4 version I saw was a fire truck not a crew carrier. It was a crew cab International with a Pierce Badge on the front. Thanks for the link and all other info everyone.
  18. jkam

    Forest Sevice Hotshot Crew Truck.

    Great point on the rear door and it's ensuing issues. I'm not very tall but need stand up room for sure. It just looks like a reasonably capable platform to start with for my lifestyle needs. I'd like to get an idea of costs. Anybody know of a source for used ones?
  19. jkam

    Forest Sevice Hotshot Crew Truck.

    I have been having ideas lately to take one of the Hotshot crew trucks and make it into a camper. I've seen some nice ones that are 4x4, lot's of outside storage bins and a reasonable size. Anyone seen one converted into a camper? Good idea?
  20. jkam

    On Board Water Remote Gauge

    See Level II in my RV has a strip that is put on the outside of the tank and sent to a monitor that reads in percentage. It is pretty accurate. Also has other tank monitors, like for black and grey tank as well.