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    4D34 seeking tips on cleaning Injection pump gauze filter

    Ok so I want to clean the gauze filter on the side of my injection pump this is the zexel pump on a 1998 4d34. repair manual says just loosen banjo bolt and remove but when I start backing the bolt out I run out of room before it is fully threaded out. See pic. Should I have to remove the...
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    Progress on my FG

    Put in 8 hours from concept to paint on this bumper build today. What say ye? I'm happy with the outcome as it utilized material on hand as rems from other projects. Only thing I had to go out for was paint and of course a sandwich. I will be adding a front receiver to this at some point. I have...
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    Got a Fuso. It was sweet. Then it broke.

    Greetings, After deciding a Fuso FG fit my needs for a work truck I lurked hard on this forum and learned much. I found a '98 FG with 77k on the odo, took a risk on the rust situation and flew to Ohio to buy it. I live in Washington state and drove it home. 2500 mi. PO was using it as a service...