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  1. bajajoaquin

    Hard Side Campers and Sand

    What kind of experience do you guys have with hard side campers and relatively soft sand? Not like Dakar-rally soft dunes but not hard pan like Daytona, either. Specifically, I'd like to go out to Cabo San Quinin. I've been out there in my truck before, but it was before I had the Lance on the...
  2. bajajoaquin

    DRW Axle on SRW F-350

    I'd like a bit more rear axle capacity on my F350 than the stock 7000 lb model. I thought of getting a dually and the going to a new bed and Rickson SRW conversion. But thinking about it, I think the easier swap is to put the 10,000 lb DRW axle on my truck. Anyone know about this? Spring...
  3. bajajoaquin

    Testing Forced Air Furnace Electric Draw

    I recently got a Lance camper for my truck, and it has a forced-air furnace. I recall from my past campers (large Class-A campers) that the fan would sometimes draw down a weak battery bank over night. Rather than get my family out to see the snow this winter, I'd like to test it out. It's...
  4. bajajoaquin

    Source for Info on Mercedes Vans

    When it rains, it pours. In addition to getting a camper for my truck, I might also have a line on a Mercedes van. It's a retired German fire truck that has had rudimentary conversion to a camper. I think it's a 406. 1973 or so. Is there a good resource out there that I can poke around to get...
  5. bajajoaquin

    Wiring Electrical for the Camper

    I just bought a Lance Squire 5000 for my 2003 F350. It came with a pigtail to wire into the truck. I had planned on just keeping the camper separate electrically from the truck, but it just dawned on me that the camper covers up my tail lights and I need to wire it up to have lights. I have a...
  6. bajajoaquin

    Vans: Interior Size, Things to Inspect?

    I'm thinking of selling my F-350 (and my '67 Imperial, for that matter), and getting a van. One of the things that's holding me up is interior size. I'm going to be having to put a second baby seat in my vehicle, so I want to keep the front bench in place, and remove the back. Will a...
  7. bajajoaquin

    Toyota Master Ace Vans

    I know, it's a van, not a truck, but I figured there was more traffic here. Anyone know much about the Master Ace vans? There's one for sale near by with a turbo diesel, 5-speed and 100k on the clock. It is supposedly titled in California. What should I look for? Except for probably being...
  8. bajajoaquin

    Used 4Wheel Campers: Mounting?

    I'm going to look at a used Grandby and I'd like to understand the mounting process. I think the mounting is different on those campers from regular slide-ins, right? What does the hardware look like? What should I make sure is included with the sale, or what do I need to purchase from 4WC?
  9. bajajoaquin

    Westy As Camper Box

    This came up on my local Craigslist. Other than the obvious statement (I want it), I thought it would be an interesting addition to this forum for when people look around for other options beside building. It's kind of a take on the campers that are adding a trailer, Alaskan, or whatever, to a...
  10. bajajoaquin

    Narrowing an Older Keystone

    I've got my Callen for sale, and I'm going to put on camper, probably used. I've come across a Four Wheel Keystone, but it's an '88 model, and the owner says it only fits the older, wide tailgates. What's required to trim the camper to fit a Superduty? Is there something inside that won't...
  11. bajajoaquin

    AVON RIB 8' Inflatable Boat: $1200 (San Diego, CA)

    I'm selling an 8' AVON RIB inflatable. It's the one with the fiberglass hull bottom, not the individual panels. $1200, located in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA My step-father bought this as a tender for his Hatteras, but due to recent medical developments, is not able to use it. I believe he's...
  12. bajajoaquin

    Callen Cabover Shell: Fits Ford Superduty Longbed, San Diego, CA: $1000

    I'm selling my Callen shell from my Ford Superduty Longbed. Here are some pics from camping. I'll take some more detailed pics this weekend and post them up. $1000 It's an empty shell, of standard Callen construction: square steel tube with aluminum skins, and fiberglass batting insulation...
  13. bajajoaquin

    Rebuilding Plastic RV Hatch

    My Callen shell has a big (25" square) plastic vent/hatch on the roof above the cabover section. It sounds great: lots of ventilation, and an escape route if it's needed. But, in practice, it's been a problem. Sitting at the front of the camper, it's in a low-pressure zone, and keeps getting...
  14. bajajoaquin

    Ford Superduty Brakes and Shocks: DIY?

    So I posted another thread abut KYB vs Bilstein, and I've given it some thought beyond that. I'm looking at the labor rates and I can save about half by doing it myself. Anyone done all four disk brakes and shocks on a leaf-spring Superduty? Mine is a 2003 6.0 diesel, if it matters. I'm not an...
  15. bajajoaquin

    Bilstein vs KYB

    It's time to do brakes and shocks on my 2003 F350 with 115K miles. I went and got a quote. $1700! Ouch. But I kind of expected it, since I am looking to replace all four rotors. The shop, Truline in San Diego, came recommended, but he's a KYB dealer. I had intended to go with Bilsteins. He...
  16. bajajoaquin

    Craigslist Find: FWD Truck

    Not mine, but I came across this today: It would make a good base vehicle, I think.
  17. bajajoaquin

    Two San Diego Craig's List Finds

    Not mine, but, oh, how I wish they could be:
  18. bajajoaquin

    Barn Find: Nash Pop-Up Camper

  19. bajajoaquin

    $WD Not Engaging on '04 Taco

    My brother has an '04 Taco that doesn't seem to get power to the front wheels (yes, it's a 4WD model ;) ). He put up a post on TacoWorld forum or some such, and didn't get any response. His post: I have the push button 4wd system on an 04' TRD V6 doublecab with the automatic transmission...
  20. bajajoaquin

    Really Bad Expo Platforms

    I don't know why I was thinking of this recently, but the HEMTT thread reminded me of really cool vehicles that would be fun to make campers out of, but would make really terrible expeidition rigs. Probably even really terrible campers in general. But I still think they're neat, like these...