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  1. GoodEnoughforGabe

    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    @EVERYONE, get in here! [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  2. GoodEnoughforGabe

    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    I love that rack. Would it fit the DC Tundra? If not, would you be able to make one that does? There are no aftermarket solutions available :/
  3. GoodEnoughforGabe

    SOLD! NEW Roadshower 2 for Sale

    SOLD! Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  4. GoodEnoughforGabe

    SOLD! NEW Roadshower 2 for Sale

    Brand new, never used and in its original packaging. I have a Roadshower 2 for sale near Seattle, WA. I have one on my camping rig already and never took the time to mount this one on my DD. If you dont know about the roadshower, it's a great piece of equipment and is perfect for camping...
  5. GoodEnoughforGabe

    1976 Pioneer Tool Trailer - M116A1 ready for Overland Upfit!

    How did you do the curved sides like that, what material did you use?
  6. GoodEnoughforGabe

    1976 Pioneer Tool Trailer - M116A1 ready for Overland Upfit!

    This is a friggin sweet trailer you got! I wish I was 3000 miles closer.
  7. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Joyota , a cj5 pickup with the heart of a toyota

    Such a sweet Frankenstein build. Subscribed!
  8. GoodEnoughforGabe

    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    I am very curious as to where you got your hardware from. Looks very nice and heavy duty. Could you give us some additional information about that clevis bolt, steel sleeve and strap holder? Thank you!
  9. GoodEnoughforGabe

    People think pulleys increase pulling power.

    What helps me in understanding this phenomenon of Work and Load with pulleys and in what scenario are you providing mechanical advantage. When you have 25 feet of line going to an anchor 25 feet away. The vehicle will move forward 1 inch for every 1 inch of line pulled in by the pulley. When...
  10. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Lhanson 1st Gen Tundra Build

    Hi, does anyone have links to the ditch light brackets by CBI made for the 1st Gen Tundra's? I wasn't able to locate them on their website, any help would be appreciated. Sweet build!
  11. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Should I buy a jeep

    Its obvious when I mention its going to be all down to preference: Go drive both of them and see what fits your needs best! Toyota's are known for their outstanding reliability, my 2004 Tundra has 202k on the clock and is 14 years old with no major repairs (knock on wood). Jeeps on the other...
  12. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Need some help. Does anyone know this 4runner (trd pro, rack, lights, winch)

    Rack looks to me like a prinsu design or gobi rack. Hard to tell from upward angle shot. I would verify but both of those are great rack companies. GL!
  13. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Let's see those light setups! [Pictures]

    Hi there, I'm browsing the market for lighting right now and would love to see some of your setups: How long have you had the lights you have? How well have they held up to use and abuse, water leakage etc.? How happy are you with the output? How about the price? Which brands and specific...
  14. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Subaru Forest Questions

    Just my two cents, but every Subaru I've owned or been around has blown head gaskets, specifically the 2.5l motor. My friend's 2011 Outback, my old 1996 Outback it doesn't change. Plus whenever I'm behind one they have that distinct "Subaru smell" out of their tailpipes, putrid smell.
  15. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Trasharoo w/ExPo Logo Group Buy - Memorial Day Delivery

    Seems like this isn't happening. I ordered myself one for Christmas :)
  16. GoodEnoughforGabe

    What are your Overland equipment must haves?

    Curious why you dont recommend the hi-lift ^? With a good set of sturdy sliders on your rig, you can jack up your vehicle easily and also use it in a variety of other purposes such as pulling, winching, seperating objects, etc. Reasoning? Did you just not use it because you didn't know its...
  17. GoodEnoughforGabe

    What are your Overland equipment must haves?

    Get a Killer Battery, I run a Northstar AGM. Never needed a jump even in the negatives. Left the stereo on far too long, lights etc. and always come back to a started engine. I've had it for a couple years and still holding stong. Other than that, recovery gear is a must, and that is dependent...
  18. GoodEnoughforGabe

    Cletus' 2002 Tundra AC Build

    Sweet set up! Can you enlighten me on how you attached the quickfists in the bed for the fire extinguisher/shovel/hi lift? Did you just run a bolt through the bed? How do you like the placement? How's it holding up? Thinking about doing the rear storage build myself but want to hear your opinion...
  19. GoodEnoughforGabe

    IPF lights

    Are they LED's? Thanks
  20. GoodEnoughforGabe

    2006 Overland Travel Tundra

    DC Tundra's are 6x1/2ish feet