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  1. Bullseye240

    My 2004 LJ Unlimited's Journey and time for a refresh

    "I'd highly recommend an extended range fuel tank. check out Genrights 24.5 gallon tank & skid combo. Range is a premium when using your Jeep to explore." I love my 31.5 gallon Genrite tank on my LJ. One of the best parts is being able to fuel up and NOT have the pump slosh fuel out the filler...
  2. Bullseye240

    I am thinking of of running air lift bags

    A spray bottle with soap and water is your friend. Pump them up to the 35 psi you mentioned, spray them with the soap and water solution, lines, fittings and bags and you will find your leak or more likely leaks.
  3. Bullseye240

    K30 Blazer Arizona Edition

    As for the transmission cooler, believe it or not in my experience the best spot for it isn't in front of the radiator. I mounted the cooler on my 94 6.5 diesel Blazer 4L80E under the drivers rear floor pan on some all thread rods with a 10 inch electric fan on it. I had a trans temp gauge and...
  4. Bullseye240

    I am thinking of of running air lift bags

    It has to do with volume and pressure. Air shocks run 35-75 PSI of air at a lower volume which allows the air to move through the line from side to side quicker. The air bags we use max out at 30 PSI and rely on volume to do the lifting rather than pressure therefore it cannot move as fast...
  5. Bullseye240

    I am thinking of of running air lift bags

    I'm with Jeff on this one. Mine have been plumbed both ways and having a single point to adjust the pressure is much better than having to go back and forth. Also like Jeff . mine has never oscillated with them plumbed together. You can plumb it individually but in my experience there is...
  6. Bullseye240

    I am thinking of of running air lift bags

    You can inflate them with a bicycle pump as they only require a max of around 30 PSI and try finding a pump with more volume than pressure. A good one would be a vertical pump designed for mountain bike tires. If you can, be sure to use compression fittings as most of the push lock fittings I...
  7. Bullseye240

    Custom trailer, chassis and all, from scratch

    It would be far easier and likely cheaper to build or buy three different trailers for the proposed loads you suggest. Building a subframe for the heavier loads would do little to nothing to strengthen the light weight frame used for the lighter loads. Hub spacers or adapters would not work...
  8. Bullseye240

    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    You can adjust the thrust angle by using a string. Attach the string to the tongue dead center of the ball and run it to the rear and attach it dead center there. You can then measure the distance between each rim front and back. Adjust the suspension until those readings are the same. This...
  9. Bullseye240

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Jeff, they make a electronically regulated flasher just for LED lights. My new taillights came with one and it will flash at the same rate without regard to the load. I also read somewhere that you can modify a factory flasher to do the same but it seems to me if you were already pulling the...
  10. Bullseye240

    TJ Lift

    3.5" will work fine. My 06 LJ Rubicon drives just fine with an OME 2.5" and 2" spacers above the coils. My GR*Tops Safari Top and Garvin rack make the LJ a little more top heavy and with the stock anti-sway-bars connected it drives and handles just fine. Even with two kayaks on the roof it...
  11. Bullseye240

    Pickup Roll Down Back Window?

    You won't find a custom roll down window as all newer trucks rear windows are bonded to the body with urethane where all the older trucks window were mounted in rubber gaskets and could be removed without much in the way of special tools. Just one of the many newer "better" methods.
  12. Bullseye240

    JK production comes to a close

    Compare the Xj with the SJ, Wagoneer: "The Jeep Wagoneer is the first luxury 4x4, sold and produced for Jeep by several automakers from 1962 to 1991.[4] Marketed as a station wagon, the design became known as "sport utility vehicle" (SUV) when Jeep first used the term for the 1974 Cherokee...
  13. Bullseye240

    JK: running both the ARB and Genright at the same time

    I went from the stock 19 gallon tank on my LJ to the Genrite 31.5 gallon tank and don't regret it one bit. Is the Genrite heavier, yes, by a lot even before you add the fuel. The skidplate/mount for the Genrite is 3/16" thick steel and covers all but the top of the tank. The tank is also...
  14. Bullseye240

    How would you outfit this custom LJ?

    No separate Jeep related question. E-mail sent. Thanks.
  15. Bullseye240

    How would you outfit this custom LJ?

    Jeff, I want to contact you about something. I know you message box here is always full and you posted your e-mail at one time, could you do so again or PM it to me? Thanks, Jim
  16. Bullseye240

    Passing cables from tongue box into trailer when there is a small gap present

    With three of those fittings you can take two of the nuts off, turn one of them around and use the last one to clamp to the second box. Basically start off as you described except install the fitting as originally intended, then install a second nut backwards facing the second box, once the...
  17. Bullseye240

    Warn VR12 or ZEON 12?

    I have the VR12000 on my Jeep and it's a great winch. It is the old M series winch with a cheaper solenoid pack, literally the only difference between the two. And it's not that the solenoids are crap by any means, they just aren't made for as heavy duty cycle as the M12000 winch. I know I...
  18. Bullseye240

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Jeff, I understand this is only for the JK but you have me thinking of something similar for my LJ. The way the Safari Top goes together makes for some mounting options. Not looking to put anything very heavy up there, jackets, bags of clothes or maybe a ground blind (wildlife photography)...
  19. Bullseye240

    Is Diesel Being Villainized In AUS and NZ Like In The Rest Of The World?

    California doesn't "ask" auto makers to do anything, they simply demand it and expect that they will get their way. California does this with most everything else as well all while thinking that if it's what they want then it must be right and that the rest of the US wants it as well. That...
  20. Bullseye240

    New Jeep!

    That would be why I used the word "should". I am well aware that tags go missing all the time and build sheets get lost. Also you build sheet showing an initial ratio of 3.21 would be where all of that model/powertrain start and then it shows a change because whoever ordered it ticked the box...