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    Ecodiesel as a short-distance commuter? Issues?

    A screen shot of part of the Excel spreadsheet I maintain for fuel for my 2016 F150 Supercab with the 3.5 Ecoboost: The speed limit is 80 around here and traffic moves generally a bit faster than that. So 20.9 mpg since I bought the truck new in May 2016 I'm not complaining about. I've...
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    The Wife's '15 Ford F150 EcoBoost

    I ordered my 2016 F150 just the way I wanted it and picked it up in May of 2016. Now have over 30,000 miles on it. Change the oil is all I've had to do since I bought it, absolutely flawless dependability. As with all my vehicles, all fuel purchases go into an Excel spreadsheet and that tells...
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    Family Camping In The Steens

    I'm sure you noticed that the Steens are just south of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. What it really is, is miles of swamp. Many locals call this the "National Mosquito Refuge". Good luck on seeing any other wildlife besides the mosquitos during most of the summer - if you step out of...
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    who is using a real gps vs a tablet

    When you get it, make sure to download the topo maps for the states you want from (if the unit doesn't already have them).
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    who is using a real gps vs a tablet

    ^This. The above use buttons to navigate the unit. If you prefer a touchscreen go with the Garmin Montana, put it in the powered cradle designed for it, plug it into a 12 volt outlet and you are good to go. I prefer the Montana because I'm old and need a big screen to look at. Plus, it is...
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    truck topper as a place to camp?

    Been there, done that. Just one recommendation if your friend drives dusty dirt roads. Seal off the bed of the truck! My experience has been that adding a camper shell or even a tonneau cover to the bed of a truck seems to create a vacuum in the bed and sucks in dust. Nothing worse than...
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    Truck and tire suggestions for heavy Arctic Fox camper?

    1. I did not trade my SRW for a new dually. I went from a 2004 SRW to a 2004 dually. I made the change because, in talking with people who were using heavy slide-in campers and complaining about the lean I got with my SRW, they convinced me that going DRW would help tremendously. They were...
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    Truck and tire suggestions for heavy Arctic Fox camper?

    For me the dually part has never been a problem as far as driving it around town. It's that NV5600 manual tranny - ain't like a Mustang's 6-speed! Slow and deliberate is the best way to describe the gear shifting procedure. On the other hand, it's a tranny I will never have to worry about...
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    Truck and tire suggestions for heavy Arctic Fox camper?

    OP is talking about 5,000 lbs sitting way up high in the bed of his truck. Then add the weight of the truck itself. Personally I would prefer 4 tires under all that weight, not just two!
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    Truck and tire suggestions for heavy Arctic Fox camper?

    Trade the SRW in on a dually. Since I do take my truck/camper off pavement a lot, I was not too happy about ending up in off-camber situations with all that weight up high when the Bigfoot was mounted on my SRW. I traded for a dually and find myself amazed at how much more stable the outfit...
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    SAT Communicator or SAT Phone?

    We all have to evaluate our own situations and decide what works best for us. For me, it was a satellite phone that works on the Iridium system. Most times, it's not an immediate life or death situation when I need to call for help. It's more like - I'm stuck, or I'm broke down - to where I...
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    New Jeep Pick Up to be unveiled...The Gladiator

    For those like me who have been waiting to see the 3.0 diesel in a Jeep....I stopped in at the Reno Jeep dealer a week ago and asked if they had an update on when to expect the diesel engine. The sales manager told me they'd just had an update and earliest expected date is now...
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    Chevy Van 4x4 Germany

    Brings back memories. I bought my 1976 Terravan new and drove it for 32+ years.
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    Next Question: Diesel vs. Gas F350

    I tried my best to stay out of this discussion but the above statement about pleasant to drive sums it all up as far as my personal feelings and observations. I currently drive a Ford with the V-10 and another with the 3.5 Ecoboost - and a Dodge with the Cummins. To me there is NOTHING like...
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    Back Country Communications

    Depends on where your "backcountry" is. Out here in central Nevada I'm part of the local Sheriff's Search and Rescue force. Our SAR vehicles are equipped with Sheriff's Department hi-band radios and HAM radios. But in outback Nevada, especially up in some canyon, neither radio works worth a...
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    Delorme in Maine

    Unfortunately maps and atlases rarely show the below problem. I check out an area I want to explore by looking at atlases and topo maps and even look at it on Google Earth. Then I create a track to follow on my Montana. After driving a rough two-track for a while I encounter this and have to...
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    2017 Ford F150 (not too crazy and not too sparse = just right)

    I have a 2016 Ecoboost 3.5. The license plate was centered on it also. I moved it, will be mounting an LED light bar in that hole.
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    Rear spare tire carrier options.

    Here's some additional photos of my bumper. If I had to do it over again, I would apply the changes as noted by mezmochill. There is no need for the top of the bumper to be as wide as it is, and the bottom portion would have been just fine if it started right above the receiver hitch and...
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    Anyone using a new Ford Superduty with the 6.2L?

    Not an owner but the mine I work for has quite a few of these. They won't buy the diesels! Trouble free engines, pretty powerful, that have been around a while. Go to any mine in Nevada and what you'll see is fleets of Fords. Used to be all Superduties but now quite a few of the F150s are...
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    Anybody know about the Chevy G30?

    I bought my 1976 GMC van in 1976 and drove it for 32+ years. Essentially the same van as what you are looking at. Extremely dependable, easy to work on. Not sure why the question about power steering...mine steered easily and never a problem with it. It's a GM - parts available everywhere...