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  1. Wyuna

    A new vario project

    You sure you will get 810ah? if you are using 8 of the winston 3.2 volt cells to get to 24 volts, that would only give you 90 ah at 24 volts
  2. Wyuna

    New Mog Life

    Sorry to hyjack the thread Jostt, i've enjoyed reading your thread. You can't go wrong with the Votronic range, they make some nice gear i ended up with the Triple charger, Jupiter panel, their switches and 1200 watt inverter Im not sure able being able to bend the gauge, I've got a spare one...
  3. Wyuna

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    Wow, it looks really good without the blue
  4. Wyuna

    Mercedes Single Cab "Gully Wagen"

    love these ute's, going to enjoy watching this build what is the payload on the rear axle, the new G utes here in Aussie are about 2000kg
  5. Wyuna

    EarthCruiser G - did the USA get the pick up version of the G?

    Cheers SWB, That was a good read, it only thing i don't like is that the auto transmission change over cost, no one would spend that much (21k) on a new ute to change over from manual. Thats why i'd go for the G Wagen in the first place, factory auto, everything is already fits and ready to...
  6. Wyuna

    EarthCruiser G - did the USA get the pick up version of the G?

    The 2 door cruiser goes for starting at over $75k, which seems a lot cheaper than the G Utes. But the g wagen, has an Auto, three diff locks, front and underbody protection, snokel, a 2085kg payload over the cruiser 1225kg payload plus there is a heap of other bonus stuff. It also has the...
  7. Wyuna

    EarthCruiser G - did the USA get the pick up version of the G?

    Those G300 wagen utes that we can buy here in Aus are nice, pricey at $109k if i recall. But look at the payload it can take compared to the 70 series ute, id take one over the toyota, when you look at what it come as standard.
  8. Wyuna

    2017 Australian Unimog camper for sale.

    This is from page 7, from the below document. There are two grades of LP gas stored at service stations. One is for automotive use only and could be a Propane/Butane mix, which is dispensed through a driveway pump into the vehicle fuel container. The other is Propane, which is decanted into...
  9. Wyuna

    2017 Australian Unimog camper for sale.

    I'd have a look to see if its legal to fill the 15 kg forklift bottles, as far as i know, you can't legally use autogas here in Aus, like you can in the UK. The diesel heaters, use stuff all fuel compared to gas heating, with less moisture as a bonus. I end up getting a webasto as it wasn't...
  10. Wyuna

    2017 Australian Unimog camper for sale.

    It does seem a little odd, when this vehicle is capable of world travel, 20k gets you lap around Australia i thought at the time it could be illness Could be that it seemed like a good idea, but running expenses were to high Or the dream of travelling didn't match their expectations It'll...
  11. Wyuna

    New?? Suzuki Jimny looks like baby Wrangler/Gelandewagen

    were are u based?, we aren't expecting them until jan here in Aus
  12. Wyuna

    2017 Australian Unimog camper for sale.

    I saw that a few days ago, the engine just been run in and ready for some more travelling. still not everyone has a spare 350k lying around, but its a great truck
  13. Wyuna

    Legality Of Tyre Size

    Thats doesn't seem right, i was under the impression that once its got a mod plate its valid for the life of the vehicle, or until you remove the medication that required the plate. you are spot on about the the mod plate is only valid in the state of were the modification was done and...
  14. Wyuna

    If I Only Had The Money....

    I'd hate to how much diesel it chews through with all that amour plate, still im sure that you could get a matching military diesel tank trailer to tow behind.
  15. Wyuna

    BeefCake's build...a roll your own Earthroamerish family expo rig

    Thats a nice looking tire, a proper all weather tire, They may be available in the states, as not all tire manufactures put all their range on their catalogues. Might be worth shooting an email
  16. Wyuna

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    I'd always go the better tire, its the only thing keeping you to the tarmac. I'd just get the Toyo's, buying real cheap tires is a false economy, If you have had good results with the current Toyo's then you know what to expect. If you have cheap tires on a company vehicle with a wheel...
  17. Wyuna

    A camper worth waiting for

    Just thought I'd add this, you can get lightweight plywood, DMK forest products down here at Banyo in Brisbane, they offer a 15mm lightweight Falcata ply and also a double sided 16.4mm Falcata lightweight ply with a white laminate. If i recall it was 5.5kg a SQ mtr for the 15mm ply, MDF is...
  18. Wyuna

    Fourth Chapter of our Australian Alpine Adventure

    I got around to reading the rest of the Alpine trip reports including the final chapter Well worth the time, i'm impressed with your writing, it was like reading a classic book, i couldn't stop. I've been meaning to spend more time down south and exploring the alpine regions, something magical...
  19. Wyuna

    Balancing Tires 385/65R22.5 with a "balancing powder"

    Nice shade of purple for your camper, not sure it'll fit on the current frame :LOL: The new wheels look good, it sure doesn't look like the original firetruck:)
  20. Wyuna

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    It'll be interesting to see the difference in winter, with the floor sorted