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    Buying advice: Is this really a 1998 Land Cruiser?

    $45K for an FJ Cruiser seems insane. Can't you find a mint 80 series diesel there for that money?
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    2022 Land Cruiser 300 series

    Yes, I'm sure that will be the case. The largest volume LC dealer in the US is Ed Martin Toyota in Indiana where their GM is a regular contributor over on IH8MUD. He was advertising a while ago that he could get anyone a 2020 LC for $80K. Not HE. They are currently offering $5K off msrp for...
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    2022 Land Cruiser 300 series

    If it wasn't $90K, I'd order one of the last HE's - in Silver please :D
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    Overland Vehicle Choices?

    Assuming you have an LX470, I wouldn't be concerned about 200k miles as long as you've kept up on the maintenance? Should be on it's 2nd timing belt by now, steering rack known to need replacement about now ($$$$), and AHC are likely the big issues with your rig. If you're rig has no rust...
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    Coast to Coast to Coast, getting ready!!!!!

    Congrats on the new rig and nice pics of your fleet - which ones do you still own?
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    I have a confession

    You've already discovered why we own and love our Land Cruisers: "I have now owned the vehicle for 30,000 trouble free miles. The vehicle is tight, AC cold, heat is hot and no squeaks or rattles after 20 years on the road - all the things I heard were true!" If you want to make your LX less...
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    2006 or 2013 Land Cruiser?

    What's the price difference between the 2? If same price, I'd go for the 2013 200. If there's more than a $15k differential in price, I'd go for the 100. I love my '03 and plan to move to a '13+ when my son gets his license in a few years. I'm not in love with the bloated highlander look of...
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    Looking for 100 series

    I love my Hundy. The sweet spot is the '03 - '05 as you're guaranteed to avoid AHC. Find one that's rust free and regular service history and you won't miss your 80 any longer. '06 - '07 LC can also be found without AHC as it was optional, but when I was looking several years ago, all the...
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    AWOL Around Australia...

    Great write up and pics - I'll be following along your journey. As you know, we don't get the 105 here in the states and we hate you guys for that :) But, I love my Hundy. I've never seen that color on an LC before but it looks great. It might have been available on the LX470 at some point...
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    My rusty 100

    Thanks @lumpski that looks pretty good. Was it crusty before?
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    My rusty 100

    Can you post pics of the underside of your LC after the "rustoration"? I've been using Krown for the last few years, but there's still more surface rust under my rig than I like.
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    I've asked this in the past but with new members and all, do any of you drive stock rigs?

    I did all the trails in the San Juans last summer with 100s in the hills in my rig which is essentially stock. Only thing I did was put BFG K02's on it and remove the running boards. Ran like a top and didn't have any issues. I was with a dozen other 100's with the majority having lifts...
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    100s in the Hills - 2018

    Nice write up and pics! I was at HIH7 with my 11 yr old and we had an absolutely amazing time - drove out and back from Boston. Plan to go every other year so looking forward to HIH9. Your brother is a popular guy with all that he gives away during the raffle!
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    J200 Changes through the years

    Your best bet is to post your questions about the 200 series at
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    Series 100 research

    I'm with @4Beast I like the 18" stock LC wheels especially the '06-'07 hyper silver. If I was going to go with another wheel, it would be the 18" TRD Pro Tundra wheel in Black: While I love my 100 series, if your next vehicle is going to be your LAST vehicle going into retirement, I'd go with...
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    7” headlight upgrade 100 series

    Great job Kelly finishing up this design and getting it to market. I know you went through several iterations and I think you nailed the lines of the bucket. As you begin to sell the finished product, I'd love to see these on a stock 100 powder coated or painted black (if you have any local...
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    Overland Adventures - the journey to a new life

    Great videos Ian! Glad to see this thread back alive again. How's the Land Cruiser biz working out so far? Let me know if you need a New England distributor? Lots of money people up here looking for rust free rigs :)
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    Buying LX470 - What's Ahead?

    OP still out there? Any luck on finding an LX / LC?
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    Buying LX470 - What's Ahead?

    I hear this comment often, but a few guys I met at Hundreds in the Hills with LX's last summer did not give me this impression. Can you elaborate on difficulty and cost? Do you have first hand knowledge of doing this yourself to your own rig?
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    1st Northwest Trail Innovations 100 bumper

    Bumper looks great on the Green Hundy! Reminds me of the Slee Blueberry. Is there a price?