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  1. Funrover

    What do you carry on your bumper?

    I like this! I did mount a spare to the roof at one point. Never again, it really throws of the COG and my comfort level in the rocks/off camber sections
  2. Funrover

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    A few pics from a while back, even included the poser shot with the 4x4 rig! Love them hills!
  3. Funrover

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    This looks extremely familiar to me, do you mind sharing location?
  4. Funrover

    What do you carry on your bumper?

    Use the hi-lift, have built brackets that clamp onto sliders etc. It's not my favorite tool but it does great when I need it. For all the reasons you mentioned I have hauled the lift inside my rig for years, but I want that space back for a build I am gonna do. Maintenance is part of owning a hi...
  5. Funrover

    I named her Contraption!

    That is a fancy folder! Looks awesome.
  6. Funrover

    The things you find on top of your skid plate.

    That'll be a good weight reduction. Best I have found in my rig is tools I thought I lost! LOL
  7. Funrover

    What do you carry on your bumper?

    Curious with all of the amazing builds out there. What do folks carry on the rear bumper? Are there items you do that are a must have? or are there items that are on there that you don't like so much? Currently looking into a build and I have a few ideas. I know for sure the spare is going on...
  8. Funrover

    Winter Fun on a fattie. Quick question

    Been looking into "Bike Boards" a bit lately and was curious if anyone here has tried them. Seems like a perfect blend for what I am looking for. I love my ski bike but if I could pedal/ski the same rig that's be fantastic
  9. Funrover

    Colorado owners thought on the Schofield Pass Road

    Ran it in a bone stock P38 if that helps
  10. Funrover

    Great fun for 2!

    A few more,notice the smoke..
  11. Funrover

    Great fun for 2!

    Over the Labor Day weekend my wife and I took the tandem out on a tandem-pack trip. This was the first tandem run for us so we kept is shorter. Day 1 we loaded up and headed out, weather was perfect! There were blue skies and wonderful views! The smoke from the fires was elsewhere. Honestly...
  12. Funrover

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    I know this feeling. My 92 saved me in a rollover.Sure miss that rig.
  13. Funrover

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Version 2.0!!
  14. Funrover

    Our trip to Deadhorse Alaska

    Great stuff!
  15. Funrover

    The Rolling Restoration & Customization Of My 88' RRC

    Dang man, I have been following this for years. Always love seeing what you are up to. I am so glad your crash wasn't worse. Sending prayers/great thoughts to you and the family. Keep up the great work and heal up quickly!
  16. Funrover

    LR3 SOS Denver area

    Not a fan of JC's personally. Won't get into details. Go to Roadside Werx. Wonderful place. British 4x4 also wonderful.
  17. Funrover

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Well here I go again. This one followed me home. 231K on the clock. Really missed driving the classic after I rolled my other one in August.
  18. Funrover

    Disco 2 #vanlife build

    Sweet set up! Looks like it will be a great adventure rig.
  19. Funrover

    Diesel talk 200 tdi or 300 tdi?

    Looking at different options for my 1989 Range Rover. Want a reliable daily driver with good efficient m.p.g. I also want a non computer engine. I am all ears on suggestions. Thanks