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  1. scoutkid

    Spotted in the Wild - Vantom

    Folks - it's been a while! On Sunday the 22nd I was headed up to Steamboat, CO from the Kremling side of things and I passed my old van - Vantom headed the other way. I haven't seen any threads from the new (newer?) owners since I sold him a few years ago. I'd love - and I'm sure we all would...
  2. scoutkid

    Sunforce 1000W pure sine inverter - CO

    Works great! $150 obo. Pick up only in Arvada, CO
  3. scoutkid

    Engel mt45 with case - pick up in CO only

    Just like it says! Used in my big van for many adventures and now it needs a new owner to keep on trucking. Works great! Sadly it's just sat for the last several years as we have used the 5th wheel more and more. Pick up only in Arvada, CO.! $600 obo!
  4. scoutkid

    Stock M101 in Colorado! $1000

    SOLD!!! Sorry team. It left last night! All, I've loved my trailer, but have no need for it. It's a high clearance axle model with a 5 pin wiring harness. I'd love to get it gone quick - I'll even toss in my 2" pintle hitch for it!
  5. scoutkid

    2003 Ford E350 EB High Top, 7.3L Diesel, Ujoint 4x4

    Vantom is on the block! Build thread here:!!! I built this van at a point in my life that I needed to get away. I'm now at a different spot, and hope that Vantom can lift the spirits of his next owner like he did...
  6. scoutkid

    Home built white E350 EB, 4x4, roof rack - headed NB on HWY 93 tonight

    Hey there! What headlights do you have?! I was in front of you on the highway - it's a 'shot in the dark' - heh - but I could really use an upgrade and yours appeared nice and bright!
  7. scoutkid

    Scoutkid now has a... Vankid? Ideas for rear seats I can put a kid seat in

    Well team, I have one of these now: Vantom was never set up with rear seats. I have no problem gutting the interior and doing a complete reconfiguration to make it more family friendly. What do you guys have for kids that work best? Rear bench? A single rear captain chair? If so, behind...
  8. scoutkid

    2003 F 350 7.3L Powerstroke CCLB

    $10,000 The only reason I am selling this truck is because my mom sold me her 2004 Lariat for a really smoking price! I bought this truck last spring to haul my 26' camper around Colorado. It did so with NO problems, put about 5,000 miles on it, now it has about 220,000. That is nothing for...
  9. scoutkid

    Need help developing my wiring layout

    All, Greetings! I am finally getting around to setting up the power systems in my van, and I could use a bit of help. Mostly I just want to make sure I don't burn Vantom to the ground, so if you could help with that I'd appreciate it :sombrero: I found this diagram online, and I think it...
  10. scoutkid

    Scoutkid's van is HERE!!!

    !!! Teaser pic for now!! Short story - 2003 E350, 180k miles, 7.3L PSD! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo happy!!!:wings::wings::wings: