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  1. Overland Hadley

    Hadley and Tardis STOLEN, PLEASE HELP LOOK

  2. Overland Hadley

    Wolfman Backroads Moto, Side Racks for Suzuki DR650, NEW

    Selling a set of new side racks for a '98 to current Suzuki DR650 by Wolfman Backroads Moto. These racks are not made by Wolfman/Backroads Moto anymore and I thought somebody here might enjoy a set. These are Gen1 racks made in 2010, and they are very similar to the racks that are curently...
  3. Overland Hadley

    SETO - the DR(D4-7R) Moto

    I bought a moto! This has been in the works for about three years now, and this summer I was pushed to the edge and I jumped. Here is where the bike sits now, under a cover behind the couch. Building it up for my use is my winter fun project. :) My two wheeled history...
  4. Overland Hadley

    Can I Put Tacoma Wheels On This Trailer?

    I am looking at getting this trailer, Northern Tool Ironton and I was wondering if it would be easy to put a set of Tacoma wheels on it? Do I just need a wheel adaptor, if so would it need to be custom or is there one available off the shelf? Or is the hub/bearings not going to handle the...
  5. Overland Hadley

    (2) Smart Lights with Star Monitor

    I removed both of my StarLights, the one on the side has damage on the cover of the motion sensor. $40 shipped for the set. the dirty rear light the cleaner, but busted lens, side light
  6. Overland Hadley

    FWC New Model? - Wide Body Finch? (Finch length, Fleet Width)

    This photo was posted on Rocky Mountain Four Wheel Camper's facebook page. To me, it looks to wide for a Finch. Is it a new model? Are the Finches now as wide as the Fleet? Most likely it is just the angle of the photo, but I keep coming back to it and wondering.
  7. Overland Hadley

    GoLight Stryker #3051 ($210 shipped)

    Ok, I guess I am also going to sell my second GoLight Stryker. It is model #3051, selling for $210 shipped. I bought this one with my other Golight, as I was planning on mounting it to the rear of the camper. Only mounted the one on the front....
  8. Overland Hadley

    Bully Adjustable (180*) Tailgate Hitch Step

    Trying to clean out some of the stuff I bought for the camper, but did not use. I have a Bully Adjustable Tailgate Hitch Step. It is a nice setup as it folds to the side when not in use, I just decided to use another step I bought later. Sells for about $50, I would like to get $25 plus...
  9. Overland Hadley

    SOLD Leer 122 for 05-14 Tacoma, located in Grand Marais MN

    I guess the time has come to sell my topper. Kind of hard to let it go as I have spent over 100 great nights in it. I got it in 2008, and in 2011 I took it off the truck and built a storage rack to keep it on. It is a model 122, the high roof model. Some of the features it has are: full...
  10. Overland Hadley

    Rigid Industries D2, Specter Driving Beam Set, SOLD

    SOLD I have decided to sell these because I am going another direction with my lighting. They are new in the box, the box only having been opened to take the photo of the lights. $280 shipped to the lower 48. I am going to list these on ebay, as I need to sell them to invest the money...
  11. Overland Hadley

    Mountain Khakis MK NOTEBOOK case, SOLD

    I bought this thinking I was going to get a full sized iPad, but I ended up getting the Mini. New with tags. $25, free shipping to US. Payment by Paypal.
  12. Overland Hadley

    Canon Speedlite 270EX II, used once, $120, SOLD

    I used this flash for one afternoon. Other than that it is in new condition. I bought it new from B+H, here is the info. B+H link I am going to put it on ebay, but thought I would offer it up here first. $120 shipped.
  13. Overland Hadley

    NEW - Gerber Gator III Saw, SOLD

    SOLD NEW - Gerber Gator III Saw, $25 shipped. I carried this saw for a couple trips, but never used it.
  14. Overland Hadley

    WTB - AT Overland Can Holder Strap, Scepter or Nato

    I am looking for the strap that fits the aluminum Adventure Trailers Overland jerry can holders. I need either a Scepter or Nato style strap. Post here or PM me if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks.
  15. Overland Hadley

    SOLD - NEW - ARB Bushranger X-Jack - $150

    Price reduced to $150. NEW - ARB Bushranger X-Jack - $190 I received this as a gift a while back, and while I have always wanted one, I need the money more for my camper project. It is brand new, never opened and is still in the plastic wrapper. Shipping - It is an odd size so I will need...
  16. Overland Hadley

    Brute w/ FWC on ebay

    :drool: 65k obo :drool:
  17. Overland Hadley

    Paha Que Outhouse Tepee w/ Aluminum Poles SOLD

    Bought the Paha Que, only set it up once in my yard. Took it on a couple trips but it was never used. Complete set up, picture below is with out the rain cover over the top. This is the Paha Que with Aluminum shock-corded poles, and sells new for $203.99 Selling for $120 shipped (in the USA...
  18. Overland Hadley

    Old School Therm-a-Rest SOLD.

    Old school 3/4 length Therm-a-Rest. Good condition, just tested it overnight and it has no leaks. $20 shipped.
  19. Overland Hadley

    Sierra Designs Nomad 6.1 Tent (the Mothership) SOLD.

    Selling my Sierra Designs Nomad 6.1 Tent, we called it the Mothership. This tent is a huge 6 person tent, with standing room of 6'8". And while it is just rated as a 3 season tent, it can handle a fair amount of snow and foul weather. The bathtub floor is 100% waterproof, even when pitched in a...
  20. Overland Hadley

    2 Wedco/NATO Water Cans - Used - SOLD

    I am interested in selling my 2 Wedco water cans. They have been used on a couple of trips, and are in good condition except for some rust on the inside. I used them for about two months after I noticed the rust, and nothing has happened. (twitch, twitch, shake, :) ) Using them for drinking...