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    Kickstarter, SuperBase???

    I found this on Kickstarter, SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station 6 Liters, 57% Smaller than Competition | 600W Dual AC Output | 518Wh Capacity | 3.5 Hours Quick Recharge | 9 Outputs | 60W USB-C PD...
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    Questions about "Urban Offroad" and some wheels

    I have been looking at options for outfitting our LR3. The first thing that I need to do is replace the 19inch wheels with 18inch wheels. All five of the tires currently on the car are starting to dry rot so I am looking at my options. While hunting around I found the a company called...
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    LR3 Rims

    I have 5x 19" LR3 Rims I want 5x 18" LR3 Rims If anybody is interested in a trade please PM me.
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    The URAL ownership/adventures begins

    I don’t post a lot but for the first time I get to tell a story about my own adventures in my new Ural Patrol. My wife pilled the kids in the car and drove me down to meet the bike about 2.5 hours away. We reached the bike and I was stoked…. It was beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. Long...
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    73' EX-MOD SIII 109 2 door $4,750 obo

    Putting up our 1973 Land Rover SIII 109 EX-MOD for sale again after a long holiday break. This former British military land rover Series 3 109 is a right hand drive beast. My wife and I have put a lot of work into this vehicle for the last year and the engine now purrs to life. The body...
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    73' EX-MOD SIII 109 2 door

    Howdy, As some of you might remember Mrs. Discodisco and I bought this land rover last year. Since then we have redone the wheel brakes, changed out the fuel pump, replaced the battery and generally made the engine purr again. We have decided that instead of shipping it with us when I get...
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    Land Rover and Camping Garage Sale

    Ok so a lot has happened it the last couple of months that has left me with a lot of extra gear. First off I replaced my ’01 Discovery II front bumper with a Bottorf steel one. Second I got a ton of gear from and I have some extra...
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    Superwinch X9 Trouble Shooting

    Our recent acquisition of a 1973 Land Rover 109 came with a Superwinch X9 that we decided to switch to our 2001 Land Rover Discovery II. First problem is that I don't have any experience with winches. Second problem is when I hooked everything up and put the remote in and try to run the winch...
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    73' EX-MOD SIII 109 2 door

    Also posted on LRRforums: The story of our 73” 109 started a couple of months ago (see thread: We were the first people to contact the Previous Owner (PO) in November 2009. We arranged to drive three hours north and meet him immediately after he...
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    Side Flares

    Been planning my build of a 2001 DII and researching what everyone else is doing but I am not sure why people are removing their side flares? I always thought they were there for a reason. Don't get me wrong I like the look but I was wondering what the function or practical reason is for...