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  1. dare2go

    116,000 expedition miles in a Tiger Motorhome on a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

    I thought for some readers here this might be an interesting review: Kathy and Rick Howe traveled in their Tiger Motorhome, the Traveling Tortuga, from Alaska to Patagonia in South America, through Europe and into Morocco - here's a review of their vehicle and problems with it during that time...
  2. dare2go

    Brand new Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ76 - very airy (damaged)

    on Ebay in MD: Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ76 Inline Turbo Diesel (convertible!) with only 39 miles!! (entire roof ripped off during transport)
  3. dare2go

    Airstream Monster - like you've never seen before - I promise

    I just found this unique Airstream conversion in Germany - the base is a KAT1 4x4 military truck. There's a video to it on Youtube...
  4. dare2go

    Mercedes Vario 4x4 Chassis - for the hardcore builder (need full body)

    [Not affiliated :)] I just found these Mercedes Vario 2007 4x4 Chassis, and thought they might be worth posting, as the price of $2,500 is cheap considering they're 2007 models with less than 10,000 miles. Sure, they need a lot of work, yet they would form the perfect basis to build a fully...
  5. dare2go

    Wanted: Volkswagen Westfalia Syncro 4x4 Vanagon

    Hi there a friend of mine, a keen surfer, is looking for a 4x4 camping vehicle to travel to Latin America. The preferred option would be a VW Vanagon 4x4 with Westfalia fit-out! If you know of any for sale please send me a PM!! A second option could be a fitted out US-4x4 camper, of a size...