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  1. Funrover

    What do you carry on your bumper?

    Curious with all of the amazing builds out there. What do folks carry on the rear bumper? Are there items you do that are a must have? or are there items that are on there that you don't like so much? Currently looking into a build and I have a few ideas. I know for sure the spare is going on...
  2. Funrover

    Winter Fun on a fattie. Quick question

    Been looking into "Bike Boards" a bit lately and was curious if anyone here has tried them. Seems like a perfect blend for what I am looking for. I love my ski bike but if I could pedal/ski the same rig that's be fantastic
  3. Funrover

    Great fun for 2!

    Over the Labor Day weekend my wife and I took the tandem out on a tandem-pack trip. This was the first tandem run for us so we kept is shorter. Day 1 we loaded up and headed out, weather was perfect! There were blue skies and wonderful views! The smoke from the fires was elsewhere. Honestly...
  4. Funrover

    Diesel talk 200 tdi or 300 tdi?

    Looking at different options for my 1989 Range Rover. Want a reliable daily driver with good efficient m.p.g. I also want a non computer engine. I am all ears on suggestions. Thanks
  5. Funrover

    OM617 into an RRC, hopefully! Will be questions

    So to start I will say that I have an 89 RRC with a blown transmission and no engine. I just purchased a 1985 300TD with a bad trans but great engine. I am going to put that engine into the RRC and have an efficient Rover. I want to make it a 5 speed. Looking at r380/lt77 tramnsmissions. For...
  6. Funrover

    Best DIY bedliner?

    I am curious what has worked well for others. I have tried Herculiner, not sure it's that impressive. Buddy used durabak, seems to do well. Always love to see/hear what others on here have used and how it worked out. Thanks
  7. Funrover

    Can I use 15" rims after the D90 brake conversion?

    So I am getting a parts list together for my 1992 RRC. I currently have 15" steel rims (I believe american racing, not sure) I am going to upgrade my brakes to the D90 set up. I am putting axles from a 94 D1 under my rig to clarify the brake upgrade question. Thanks!
  8. Funrover

    Just a quick day run!

    Had some good friends meet up to go out and play. Headed out to China Wall here in Colorado. Always a fun trail, technical fun for stock rigs up to modded out rigs. The weather was amazing and smiles were a plenty!
  9. Funrover

    DI/RRC axle swapping info

    So I lucked upon a pair of axles, regeared and arb lockers. WOO HOO!!!! They came out of a 1994 DI. I drive a 1992 RRC. My question is can I put my RRC calipers on the DI axles? I have to do some rebuilding to the DI front so if I have to do a swap around that would be the time. Thanks for any...
  10. Funrover

    Intake interchangeability? 4.2/3.9

    I have an intake off of a 93 LWB with a 4.2. looks to be the same as on the 89 3.9. I am curious if there is any differences, if not the 4.s is in much better/cleaner shape. Thanks!
  11. Funrover

    Biking The Colorado Trail, segment 3??

    Not right now, but come the warmer months a friend and I are gonna do a quick overnighter. Start @ waterton and go to the Wilderness line on Seg 3. Stop and camp there. Having never been there how is the tree cover, can I bring my hammock, or should I stay with my tent?
  12. Funrover

    Surge when under load??

    Rig: 1993 Range Rover LWB Engine: 4.2 Did the head gasket job about a 6 weeks ago, while there also cleaned up the stepper motor.Here lately it seems to have a surge issue in the 2000 - 2400 RPM range while on a climb. Seems most common on a sustained climb, worse when colder. Normally I can...
  13. Funrover

    A fun Sunday run

    Some friends and I went and did Barbour Forks by Idaho Springs. The recent rains/floods have done some damage. Just a quick update. In this picture I started by the tree on the left, then the ground caved in below me. Here is a patch job we did to the large hole to get everyone up. Rocks...
  14. Funrover

    A quick,high, get away!

    It was a fun time up in the hills. A friend and I headed up to see the sights and enjoy the day off. He did great in his stock Frontier. I was very impressed as he is also rather new to wheeling as a whole. The weather was great, the views never disappoint and the company fantastic! Took a nice...
  15. Funrover

    Craigslist find, thought some may find interest.

    Not mine, but wish it could be
  16. Funrover

    How realistic?

    I see a lot of large campers/expo rigs on this site and that makes me happy. However I wonder how realistic are larger campers for adventures. Currently I have a 1966 Dodge D200 Mitchell motor home that I would love to make 4x4 and travel around with the wife in. That being said we go out in my...
  17. Funrover

    Starter stays engaged or no start???

    93 Range Rover LWB 126,000 miles Some back story. Not long ago I put in a new blower motor/heater core. Before putting the dash back in I tested the new items. After hooking up the battery to start it the starter stayed engaged. Took the key out, just kept going. Undid battery. Looked around...
  18. Funrover

    CL Find: Coleman Colorado

    Seems like a great price!
  19. Funrover

    That was fun......

    Well the better half had the blower motor on her LWB go out. Ordered the needed parts and started off to work. While in there found a couple issues with wiring (now the sub and the Fog lights work!!!) I will also add a million thanks to a good friend for helping me do this. It was 2 A.M. when I...
  20. Funrover

    A little fun from last Friday!

    Man this was a great Friday. I had the day off and there was snow on the ground. Had to get a few items done at home, then off to play. Took out the old Raleigh.Man that was a blast!!!! The trails were great, I didn't make first track anywhere but man I had a blast going around. I was impressed...