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  1. dare2go

    Pan-American Campsite/POI List?

    Jason from started such a project over a year ago... From our experience I have to say that a list of waypoints WITHOUT description has fairly limited use. We had a couple of lists from people with a small SUVs (Landrover, etc.), and half the time our truck camper didn't fit...
  2. dare2go

    in search of a good DOKA

    If body work with sheet metal would be as easy as Photoshop... (BTW: you should have moved the lock/latch of the front roller door!) I have seen MB1113 crew cabs which people have shortened, and also Magirus, but none of these have put in doors in the back, so you'd have to crawl in through the...
  3. dare2go

    Manufacturer Recommendations for new truck camper

    WHAT? So you're supposed to pay TWICE for things? First for the fittings you don't want, and then again for a time-consuming re-fit with the stuff you really want... What sort of customer care is that? I thought the RV-industry is still struggling... Northstar builds nice truck campers, too...
  4. dare2go

    116,000 expedition miles in a Tiger Motorhome on a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

    I thought for some readers here this might be an interesting review: Kathy and Rick Howe traveled in their Tiger Motorhome, the Traveling Tortuga, from Alaska to Patagonia in South America, through Europe and into Morocco - here's a review of their vehicle and problems with it during that time...
  5. dare2go

    Brand new Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ76 - very airy (damaged)

    on Ebay in MD: Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ76 Inline Turbo Diesel (convertible!) with only 39 miles!! (entire roof ripped off during transport)
  6. dare2go

    Good alternative to a Unimog?

    if in doubt try wikipedia:
  7. dare2go

    Searching for the "just right" size for an overlanding vehicle

    Well - 3 months is NOTHING - try for 3 years!! Our next trip will be (hopefully) around the same length, so I'm looking for something in your class of "too big", like a Mercedes 814DA or another small truck, maybe even Unimog.
  8. dare2go

    Looking for Compact Camera with flip-up screen

    Don't think there's anything currently on the market anymore... I have a NIKON Coolpix S10 for exactly this reason (I used to have the Nikon 995 before), I love it, and the image quality is quite good except under dark conditions (too much noise). It's a great camera to take photos of people in...
  9. dare2go

    Good alternative to a Unimog?

    That's NOT a normal VW Synco - that's an LT (Light Truck) = one weight class up! These have a good reputation in general, their weak point is the rear differential, and they could do with a bit stronger engine. Part supplies in the US will be patchy, as through all of the American continent.
  10. dare2go

    BIG TRUCK - little budget

    Sorry, I haven't read all your pages yet... Do you speak some German? Because there's an absolutely great and helpful German forum for vehicles like yours, and a second forum which has excellent advice for building your own camper. If your German fails you try, or simply...
  11. dare2go

    Stairs for 4x4 MB 1017 Shelter

    I don't want to lure you away from this forum, but I believe you can find a lot of information on these 2 German forums (and certainly many ideas for stairs): Allrad-LKW-Forum and the Camper Cabin Forum :exclaim:
  12. dare2go

    Wanted: Volkswagen Westfalia Syncro 4x4 Vanagon

    The car is meant for travel to South America, hence country of origin/registration/plates don't matter much! Funny you find 20,500 Dollar$ for van (which is not running) a bargain, when in Germany with some luck you can find a drivable Synchro Type 3 for around 4,000 Euros, T4s cheaper, with...
  13. dare2go

    Wanted: Volkswagen Westfalia Syncro 4x4 Vanagon

    I think the idea of buying a VW Synchro in the States is dead - probably will look in Germany, where one still can afford them, and then ship to Halifax... Cheers.
  14. dare2go

    Airstream Monster - like you've never seen before - I promise

    I just found this unique Airstream conversion in Germany - the base is a KAT1 4x4 military truck. There's a video to it on Youtube...
  15. dare2go

    From NH to Argentina in a Defender 110 - Norte A Sur Aventura

    Sorry to read, but probably the typical downfall with Landrovers: they tend to be unreliable, particularly when compared with Toyotas. A funny story I read the other day: in the African Sahara the chances of getting robbed and your vehicle being stolen are 8 times higher in a Landcruiser than in...
  16. dare2go

    Mercedes Vario 4x4 Chassis - for the hardcore builder (need full body)

    [Not affiliated :)] I just found these Mercedes Vario 2007 4x4 Chassis, and thought they might be worth posting, as the price of $2,500 is cheap considering they're 2007 models with less than 10,000 miles. Sure, they need a lot of work, yet they would form the perfect basis to build a fully...
  17. dare2go

    New to GPS handheld - - Need advice

    Garmin would probably be THE choice (despite their steep prices), because of availability of third-party free maps and waypoints. The CSx 60 is probably the most popular model to fit your requirements, and you might find a good secondhand one on the Bay... From our experience it's a very sturdy...
  18. dare2go

    Retired Old Lady Seeks Exploring Truck

    We had on our truck (F250 + loaded Bigfoot Camper for 3 years Latin America trip) E-rated Bridgestone Dueler AT, and were very happy with them! When I bought the truck it came with C-rated cheapies from Korea - shocking. The E-rated ones improved stability on the road drastically, specially on...
  19. dare2go

    Must haves, dont bothers, not needed but really cool. What's on the list?

    Must haves: + good compressor fridge or cool box + recovery strap and shackels (+ 1 or 2 spares) + 12V rechargable outdoor lantern (better than gas light) + long handle shovel Helpful: + hand saw for thick branches (& fire wood) + axe Overrated: * electric winch (oh - I'll get spanked for...