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  1. sixstringsteve

    Kino the Tundra - The More We Explore's 2018 Toyota Tundra Build Thread

    Hi, I'm Steve from The More We Explore. This thread will document the build of our 2018 Tundra. I'm not new to toyotas or to modifying vehicles, but this is my first Tundra. Thanks to the many people on who provide helpful information. Hopefully my build can be helpful for...
  2. sixstringsteve

    Video: Aluminess Nerf Bar Install on an E350

    The instructions from Aluminess left a lot to be desired, so I thought I'd toss this quick video up for anyone doing the install. Even the website pics were tough to see how the steps mounted. While this isn't a how-to instructional video, it should give you a good idea of what it took to...
  3. sixstringsteve

    Pop-tops: are they worth it?

    I want a pop top on my van, but I'm trying to make a rational decision (as opposed to the emotional me who wants to pull the trigger right now). Everyone will have different opinions, obviously, but I'd love to hear from those of you with a pop top. What's your favorite thing about having a pop...
  4. sixstringsteve

    Post up your van's stereo system

    Post up the stereo setup you've got in your van.
  5. sixstringsteve

    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    Current state: it's a great van. '97 7.3L, 125k miles, 15 passenger. A little surface rust on the frame (it's from NJ). It's got a lift from Tulsa Truck Manufacturing D60s front and rear, mile marker hubs, and brand new 33s.. I'm not crazy about the lift (leaf spring with shackles in the...
  6. sixstringsteve

    Big tires, little lift

    Anyone running 37s on a UJOR 6" lift? Or 35s on a 4" lift? I've always preferred to trim fenders and bumpers and save 2" of lift height. I'm having a tough time deciding between UJOR's 4" kit and their 6" kit. I don't need 37s at all, but I sure like the look of a big tire filling a fender.
  7. sixstringsteve

    Which model/motor do you recommend for an E350 build?

    The wife and I just sold our house to live on the road in an RV full time. We don't have a rig yet, but the only solution that even remotely appeals is an airstream towed behind a 15 passenger E350. I've done a little bit of research, but I need some more advice. My apologies if this question...
  8. sixstringsteve

    The More We Explore - Trip Report Videos

    This is where I'll post our outdoor adventure videos as we explore the states.
  9. sixstringsteve

    How to pee in the outdoors (for girls) rated PG.

    I have too many friends who's daughters, girlfriends, or wife refuses to join them on their adventures because they're afraid of going to the bathroom outdoors. Let's face it, men aren't that great at teaching girls how to pee outdoors. That's why we decided to put together a little video to...
  10. sixstringsteve

    2003 Montero Non-build thread

    I just picked up a 2003 Montero XLS from a buddy. This won't really be a "build" thread because I don't plan to build it much. I will make a few modifications though, and I like to document them for my benefit and hopefully others' as well. 2003 was the last year of the XLS. With all the...
  11. sixstringsteve

    3rd gen montero/pajero questions

    I've done quite a bit of reading over the last few days and i had a few questions for the Montero/Pajero gurus out there. I'm shopping for the right monty and I want to make sure my intel is good. Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this info. 2001-2002 monteros in the US - came with the...
  12. sixstringsteve

    wanted: 2001-2006 Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero

    I'm ready for my next rig. I'm looking for a 2001-2006 Montero. Here are a few requirements. If it's a 2001-2002 it must have the sunroof and therefore the limited slip. I'm ok with any model from 2003 on up. Lower mileage is great, but maintenance is even more important to me. The closer...
  13. sixstringsteve

    Utah Adventures Season 3

    This year I have decided to up the ante and improve my trip report videos by turning them into a webseries. Feel free to follow along as we explore Utah. I apologize for the repost on some of these, but I figured it'd be easier to keep them all in one spot. I'll post new episodes to this...
  14. sixstringsteve

    Trip Video: The Maze District of Canyonlands National Park

    Wait. Don't read this trip report yet. Just like any trip to the maze, this TR requires a fair amount of time to soak it all in. Find a time when you have 10-15 minutes and come back to enjoy this trip report then. It'll be worth it. My stories are better told through video via my...
  15. sixstringsteve

    The Rubicon Trail, Sept 2013

    A group of us from Utah decided to run the Rubicon Trail in September of 2013. The video below documents our adventure from Utah, to the Rubicon trail, and back to Utah:
  16. sixstringsteve

    for sale: 2002 Doublecab Tacoma 35s, ifs, daily driver

    Selling my 2002 doublecab. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah 2002 Toyota Tacoma Doublecab 230k miles - mostly freeway, aren't they always mostly freeway? ;) This is how a taco should be built. I've had 3 tacos, 3 3rd gen 4runners, and many other toyotas. This is the perfect balance between a...
  17. sixstringsteve

    FS/FT 94 Toyota SAS BUILT daily driver/Expo rig

    I searched long and hard for a clean 3rd gen x-cab 22re. They're getting impossible to find in my neck of the woods, let alone a clean one. I bought this x-cab from Idaho and had it shipped to me in Utah. Idaho doesn't use salt on their roads, so it's 100% rust-free. Just about everything in...
  18. sixstringsteve

    Help me plan my van build

    Since I'm just waiting around for my tacoma to sell, there's not much I can do but sit, wait, and plan my next rig. Help me think ahead and try to anticipate some of the things I need. I've talked with Chris quite a bit over at U-joint and he's been very helpful. I'm a former rockcrawler, and...
  19. sixstringsteve

    Thinking about making the switch to a van...

    Ok, a little background. I cut my teeth rockcrawling toyotas. But now I'm at the point where I'm ready to move away from hardcore rock crawling, but I still want to go on fun trips that require 4x4 and stil have a little bit of a challenge to them. I live in Utah and I've seen some 4x4 vans...