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  1. FDM2012

    Quigley Trac Bar Mount UPGRADE!

    After 22 years, the Death Wobble finally started on my rig. The center mount bolt was worn pretty bad, and the frame holes that that it went through were waller'd out worse than a ...... (Well, you know) So, I drilled the holes out to 5/8'', bought a 5'' Grade 8 bolt and drilled it out for...
  2. FDM2012

    Snorkel E-Series (E-350/7.3 PSD)

    Yeah, it's been a while since I have updated anything. Between work, weather, and health, I haven't done a whole lot with my rig lately. HOWEVER, I did finally get my snorkel on and mostly completed this past weekend. Yes, it is functional. Yes, it has dropped my EGT's a bit. Only driven...
  3. FDM2012

    Kayak Rack Ideas?

    So, I am trying to figure out what to do about hauling my kayak. With the vehicle already being 9 1/2 feet high, putting it on top will probably be close to 12 high by the time mounts and kayak are up there. Other than building and using an excursion trailer to tow behind, not sure I have...
  4. FDM2012

    Frigid Cold Start in Dallas

    I did a 20 degree Cold Start without having the engine heater plugged in last night, just to see how it would do. I only cycled the glow plugs the one time, and I do have Stanadyne in it, so I'm sure that helped a bit. Is this about the same as some of you Cold Weather Guys?
  5. FDM2012

    Quigley on 36''x15'' MTZ's? Yes, it is doable.....

    Mickey Thompson 375/65R16 MTZ P3 It just took a little bit of cutting, rotors and hubs, and some offset rims. No big deal at all. NO SPACERS, or adaptors. Viola!
  6. FDM2012

    Quigley SRW front hubs?

    I know that not everyone posts/reads in the For Sale Sticky, so I thought I would just ask.... I am about to convert to SRW, and would love to find/buy a set of Quigley front hubs for my Dana 60 (K30 kingpin style). Anyone?
  7. FDM2012

    Tire Size: How wide is TOO wide?

    I am considering these: I see a few trucks with tires that seem to be 15'' wide rolling around here, and they look pretty cool. But, I haven't been able to talk with any of them to see how "Grabby" the steering might be...
  8. FDM2012

    Injectors may be needed....

    With only 185k (plus many idle hours) on my rig, I hate to think that I need to do them, but until my oil hits 180, it chugs and the injectors seem to load up and unload. Meaning that as I accelerate, they will clatter a little, then none at all and no power, and then pretty loud for a bit...
  9. FDM2012

    PSD Overview

    I stumbled upon this overview, and thought I would share it. Very informative.
  10. FDM2012

    Belt squeal....

    Anyone ever had a bad belt squeal problem on their 7.3? I have changed, and/or inspected everything, and it is pretty friggin loud until driven for 15 minutes or so. I can't see anything out of alignment, and it seems to come from the sharp bend area of a/c and vacuum pump. I have even...
  11. FDM2012

    Cheap Freightliner......Not affiliated

    If I had more real estate to park it, and not already in the middle of a build, I would jump on it!
  12. FDM2012

    7.3 won't turn over........

    So, I started and drove my rig to the gun range this morning for a charity skeet shoot, and when I went to leave it would not turn over. Jumped it, nothing. I can turn the headlights on and turn the key, and they do not dim, and the starter does not even try to engage. So, I go to the starter...
  13. FDM2012

    7.3 PSD Van Intake: To resonate, or not to resonate?

    So, for chitz and giggles, I have been experimenting with my resonator box that tee's off of the intake tube. I plugged it, and I installed this filter. Plugged, I think MAYBE the turbo spooled up a little quicker, but I cannot confirm it. And it had that loud and annoying drone at low...
  14. FDM2012

    E350 7.3 Guage Readings look about right?

    It is hot as frig here in Tampa this time of year (and everywhere else.....) while I am building up my ambulance, and am wondering if this compares with you guys might be running on your 7.3's and if I am within normal limits.......?? 2000 PSD E350 Ambulance: SCT Livewire, Wicked Wheel 2, 4''...
  15. FDM2012

    McCoy Miller diagrams?

    Phase 2 of my build will be to attack the interior, do some preliminary wiring mods, inverter, connections for portable solar generator that I built and to put in folding bench seats, air compressor, and water system. Wiring Diagrams would be...
  16. FDM2012

    Barrell Locks for Ambulance doors and cabinets

    A minimum amount of fabrication required, but I finally got my locks in. Build Thread:
  17. FDM2012

    Has anybody done a TRANS Cooler Upgrade on their 7.3 ambulance?

    Knowing that coolant temp is critical in a transmission, I would like to upgrade the cooler for my 4r100. It is banging *** hot here in Tampa right now, and it reached around 190 degrees the other day while running some errands. Not happy about that... Fluid and filter changed immediately...
  18. FDM2012


    AmboLander - BUILD Greetings All, 2 weeks ago, I bought a 2000 E350 Quigley 4x4 Ambulance, and am starting my build up on it. Here it is as I bought it: 7.3 PowerStroke w/172k miles, Dana 60 Front, Dana 70 FF Rear, 4R100 Transmission, NV271 Transfer Case. I flew to W. Virginia to pick it...