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  1. MuddyMudskipper

    The ExPo Guide to Land Rovers

    Does the idea of owning a Land Rover make you tingly in places your swimwear covers? Do you find yourself lured by the cheap cost of acquiring an Empire Car but are scared by the horror stories of wonky electronics and leaky everything? Well you've come to the right place friend, for this is the...
  2. MuddyMudskipper

    LC Sighting

    Date: June 21, 2008 Location: 405 S. Long Beach, CA Chassis: Toyota FZJ80(?) LC Comments: Driving down the freeway and came across this rig with a WR250X strapped to the back.
  3. MuddyMudskipper

    Random Pinz Sighting

    I saw this Pinz this weekend. Date: May 31, 2008 Location: Chapman Ave. Orange, CA Chassis: Pinzgauer Comments: I was driving to Orange Hill for brunch and spotted this Pinz. I tried to strike up a conversation with the owner at an intersection but he didn't seem too interested. Oh well.
  4. MuddyMudskipper

    Anyone know about these?

    Anyone know who's Troopy this is? I saw it this weekend. Date: May 30, 2008 Location: 4 Wheel Parts Redondo Beach, CA Chassis: Toyota LC Troop Carrier Comments: I was picking up a Ducati Monster 696 from Del Amo Motorsports with a friend and spotted this gem in the parking lot in front of 4...
  5. MuddyMudskipper

    Joe Hauler

    A buddy of mine gave me a single hauler with ramp today for free. I had been entertaining the the idea of getting one for a while so I guess it was meant to be. Anyone have any experience with these? Tell me your stories. The good, the bad, the ugly. I mean, if it works for the military its...
  6. MuddyMudskipper

    Warn Wireless Remote & Solenoid Replacement

    I have a Warn M8000 and I am considering a couple of upgrades but I have a couple of questions. Question #1 I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with the 76080 Warn wireless remote? How does the receiver mount? Does it plug into the control box? Is it worth it? I am debating...
  7. MuddyMudskipper

    The Class of '97 is Seeing Green

    I went to the Adventure Trailers Movie Night yesterday (which was fantastic) and something odd happened, three Rovers showed up. In itself that would be rather unremarkable but the three Rovers that showed up were all 1997 models. They were all Willow Green and each was a representative of what...
  8. MuddyMudskipper

    Russian GAZ66

    I was doing my usual looking around the web for interesting stuff and while I was doing a search for one of those little 4x4 military vans and I came accross this GAZ66 for sale. Does anyone know anything about these or the vans?
  9. MuddyMudskipper

    The History of Land Rover

    A cool series of vids outlining the history of Land Rover with notable cameos by Jeep, Patrol, Land Cruiser, Bronco, and Vehicross. Part 1 - Tough, Cheeky, and Chunky Part 2 - Still Something of a Curiosity Part 3 - The Lucrative Watering Hole Part 4 - Not Enough to Have Heritage on Your...
  10. MuddyMudskipper

    Hamster on the Marque

    I'm sure many of you have seen this but it always makes me smile. Hammond on of Land Rover I'd put a poster of it on my wall.
  11. MuddyMudskipper

    The 2006 KTM 640 Adventure Build

    I did a search and didn't really see any bike builds so I thought I'd let those of you who are interested in on my little orange project.:roost: Part I: The Beginnings of the Adventure For quite a few years I have enjoyed the outdoors and overland travel in particular. During my travels I...
  12. MuddyMudskipper

    If only I had a money tree.

    RHD 1973 Series III Diesel LHD 1973 Series III 1969 Series IIA 1970 Series IIA 1976 FC101
  13. MuddyMudskipper

    The Muddy Mudskippermobile

    The MuddyMudskippermobile Hello everyone! I stumbled upon this site doing an early a.m. Google search for nothing in particular and was quite fortunate having done so. The ExPo is awesome and has everything I like and then some!:wings: Well this is my second Disco. My first one was rolled a...