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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    I ordered both of these back in Feb 21, they both came in about a week apart in late april. I have another 5500 with a switch N go bed system on it. I use the dump bed or the flatbed. I also had a 5500 with another Host on it and pic are still on this board. I picked up the truck and got...
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    Holy Grail Jeep, 05 LJ Rubicon

    Jeep was ordered and bought new. 1 owner, stored in heated an AC building. 6spd manual, ordered with both hard and soft tops. Comes with 6 extra correct rubicon wheels. All stock, have all paperwork, etc. 48k miles. Small dent on hood when I fell on it. Located in Home, PA. Mark...
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    New JLR

    So I ordered Oct 25 and it showed up friday, new years eve. Loving it. 6 spd manual V6. Lots of items to get installed. I will be flat towing behind the truck camper.
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    Easter Jeep safari

    I know it is the 13-21. Do I really need that long to see it all. I have been to MOAB twice before. Advise?????
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    Ram 5500 is here

    dealership called, truck is here...........................Loaded with heated leather front and rear, plus all the goodies, dual tanks, upgraded tires etc.
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    Love Silencerco video with expo portal

    Just saw the video, AWESOME!!!!!!!
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    Ordered 16 RAM 3500

    Ram bought back my 2011 under the recall/buyback. So I ordered a 3500 DRW crew cab Laramie Limited. Got all the goodies. We pull a 5th wheel or put on a arctic fox 1150. We want to go back to Alaska in a few years so were getting things in order now. I'm looking at a buckstop bumper with...