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  1. BigSwede

    Decked D-Box

    These look interesting, even if you don't use them in a drawer. Anybody try them out? I dig the dividers...
  2. BigSwede

    How do you guys organize your camping fridge?

    I searched a bunch of ways thinking this would be a common topic, but was unsuccessful. So anyway, I am sick to death of the avalanche that occurs in the fridge that occurs whenever I pull something out, especially tall items like the quart water bottles. Trying to get the bottle back where it...
  3. BigSwede

    Base/Chase Radio Kit that supports CB, UHF, VHF & HAM frequencies

    Get 'em while, or before, they are "hot"!
  4. BigSwede

    Recovery strap nearly decapitates cameraman

    Be safe out there my friends...
  5. BigSwede

    Anyone installed a Kenwood 281 in-dash?

    With the speaker on front this seems like a viable option. The FJC has a double din factory stereo, toying with the idea of installing a single DIN stereo and a Kenwood 281 in that space. The Kenwood is smaller than standard DIN size, not sure what is the best way to deal with that. Of course...
  6. BigSwede

    What do you guys think about this for a house battery? 12V LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) battery, 50 amp-hours. There are a lot of pluses here: - 16.2 pounds for 50 ah! - 2,000 cycles at 80% draw down - because these can be...
  7. BigSwede

    Fridges, CPAPs, and Batteries, oh my!

    I am mulling over a myriad of options for powering devices overnight, and would like some opinions. First of all, my situation: I use a CPAP "snorkel" for sleeping (sleep apnea). The CPAP company tells me the device uses about 1.3 amps. I have run this unit off of the vehicle many times...
  8. BigSwede

    Badlands/Black Hills 2013 - Midwest Overland Society

    Because the regional forums don't get as many looks, I thought I'd post a link to the thread for the Midwest Overland Society Badlands/Black Hills, SD trip that was just completed. Pics start at the bottom of Page 1...
  9. BigSwede

    Anybody tried Piragis Canoe Pants? Just looking for feedback, because I hate buying clothes through the mail.
  10. BigSwede

    Some White Rim Trail pics

    MORE PICS ADDED 6/18/12 Went on White Rim trail in Canyonlands National Park, thought I'd share a few pics. I really enjoyed the trail, I have been to Moab many times but it was really cool to get out there where you are pretty much by yourself...we only met a few vehicles in two days on the...
  11. BigSwede

    Installing new winch - wiring upgrade?

    I will be installing a new Warn M8000 in my Trooper soon. Just wondering if it is worthwhile to upgrade to heavier gauge from the wiring that comes with the winch. I'm sure the factory wiring gets the job done, but are there real benefits to an upgrade? I'd rather do this once only if at all...
  12. BigSwede

    Is my old Garmin worth using?

    I have an old Garmin Etrex Legend from 8 or 9 years ago. It was one of the cheaper ones at the time, and I never really learned how to use it well. I never bought any maps or anything for it either. So basically I am a GPS newb. Given advances since I bought it, can this thing serve decently as...
  13. BigSwede

    Yakima racks - which one?

    There is both a Yakima Load Warrior, and a MegaWarrior with extension on craigslist you guys think a Mega Warrior w/extension is too big for a 2nd gen Trooper? Some of the stuff I have been reading implies the MegaWarrior is intended for full size vehicles, but I haven't found a...