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  1. Bbasso

    Victron SCC for smart watches?

    Just wondering what if... Is there a way to get some of the readouts on a smart watch? Maybe not so much about settings or changing things but just to see how current info. My setup: Victory 100/30 Note20 Samsung Gear S3
  2. Bbasso

    Need advice, upgrading current solar system...

    Thanks for looking and assisting. My current setup is: Two 100w renogy 12v Two 155ah agm. And the ecoworthy 20amp SCC. What I'd like to do in the future is: One 325w panel, unsure which but the Panasonic VBHN325SA16 fits sizewise. I'll be keeping the same batteries But my question is which...
  3. Bbasso

    Fan blower resistor??? I've got a question for those who know about it.

    On my 2001 E350 my low speed, medium speed, high medium speed doesn't take much voltage but when I turn it up to high(max) speed it draws well over 1 volt according to my gauge. Does anybody know if the blower motor resistor goes bad over time? The reason why I'm asking is I haven't noticed...
  4. Bbasso

    Vanners in the path of Irma, what's your plans?

    I'm in Jacksonville, FL. If this storm gets close, I'm going to the North Carolina mountains. I'm playing it safe. You? Also, storm Jose is brewing close behind.
  5. Bbasso

    Let's discuss the on board water storage setups.

    I'll start with my simple setup. 21 gallon fresh water tank under my bed, just off center, just forward of the axle of the van. A simple screw on camco filter, Shurflow 4008-101-A65 into the Eccotemp L5. You might think that's pretty big or good, but being a full timer it can go pretty quickly...
  6. Bbasso

    Stacked solar panels?

    I'm trying to achieve a larger PV array but with a same size footprint. I currently have two 100wt panels end to end long ways and while that's enough for most of the time, there have been plenty of times that I could have used more. I have plans (just have to buy another kayak) so half of my...
  7. Bbasso

    Testing dual alternators output individually?

    Quick question, How to test each of my alternators to make sure they are working correctly? (Output) Vehicle is my 2001 Ford E350 with 7.3 PSD. It appears my voltage is a little low these days... Thanks! Any videos (links) would be great!
  8. Bbasso

    Anyone using two refrigerators...

    Anyone using two refrigerators, one freezer/ one refrige? Just curious about the thoughts and comments!
  9. Bbasso

    Affordable portable shower, seen this one?

    Opened the local paper and the sports academy ad fell in to my lap and I see this. Anyone familiar with this one? Maybe it's worth trying at that price?
  10. Bbasso

    Tinted windows, what do you have?

    Rather simple questions. What brand of tint? What type of tint, nano, ceramic, etc? Which windows? What percentage did you choose? What negative and/or positive effects have you seen? I've always had tinted windows but this year I want to gain some benifits instead of just privacy and looks...
  11. Bbasso

    Cabinetry education 101

    I'm hoping early fall I'm going to rip out my entire interior and rebuild it. I have the help from a retired Carpenter who does some amazing work. So tell me, what do I need to know that is van specific and what kind of information should I be offering him? Such as types of slides, hinges...
  12. Bbasso

    Thermostat for a cooling fan for engel/ or other refrigerators???

    To possibly consume less power, keep temps/food better and prolong the life of my Engle 45, I would like to if possible add a small fan to help during the summer months. But only activated if the cabin temps exceed a certain #. I'm kinda guessing at this... Anyone?
  13. Bbasso

    Vehicle mounted awning without​ legs?

    So as the title asks, is there a vehicle mounted awning that has an option for legs but that can be opened without having to deploy legs? Low wind days or just for a quick shady spot... Thanks :)
  14. Bbasso

    Suggest a single burner propane stove?

    I'm hoping to find a recommended, quality compact single burner propane stove... Something like this I'd love it if it was under or near to $20 Thanks!
  15. Bbasso

    Plowed in the rear, punted foward...

    Short version... Traveling aprox 30mph. Two cars collided in front of me. I slam the brakes and I'm just about to stop 5 ft from the first two I got slammed in the rear. I got punted into one of them. No pains for anyone. No citations... Pictures sum it up. Then... Total damage to my...
  16. Bbasso

    Charging batteries, the small kind...

    Most of us have solar systems these days and most of us use flashlights or some sort or devices with AA, AAA C & D batteries, right? Is there a device that can charge these smaller batteries from our solar panels/house batteries ? It seems a rather simple, easy and very environmentally...
  17. Bbasso

    Wind Turbine Generator, share your knowledge?

    I have a bunch of questions regarding wind turbine generators. First question is, can it be integrated into existing solar panel setup so at night time there could be power being stored/used? Second question, are the sub $500 ones even worth buying? Third question with my existing 200 watt...
  18. Bbasso

    Scanguage II for OBD2 has been [B]SOLD[/B]

    For sale is my ScanguageII it works great for displaying the vehicle's info. Has been SOLD. thank you for a smooth transaction. Cash or USPS money order only. I can accept personal checks but I'll wait for it to clear before shipping. One small imperfection but still works flawlessly, the...
  19. Bbasso

    How to test the solar panel output and some other questions.

    I'm used to seeing up to 15 amps coming from my two 100wt renogy panels, connected to the ecco-worthy charge controller which feeds my two 155ah (each) agm batteries. But now that I'm back mobile and in Florida again, I haven’t seen over 8.5 amps... So what is the best way to test everything to...
  20. Bbasso

    Blueseas ACR 7622 acting strange, advice?

    I can hear it click on off when working but the lighted switch is not as bright and doesn't respond as usual. Thoughts? Thank you.