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  1. Monstero

    GEN 3 Flashing CDL Light

    I figured I would post up here to possibly help someone else out and save them some trouble. This may or may not be the problem for a different rig but it is definitely the place to start. There are many other areas to look after this down the line but I am glad to not replace any switches on...
  2. Monstero

    Gen 3 Fuel/Temp Guage Fix

    Well for a long time my temperature sensor has not been working. Right after startup it goes all the way to the top. I put up with the temperature sensor failing for quite a while but then my fuel gauge stopped working intermittently. So I figured it was time to fix. After some research here is...
  3. Monstero

    Just another Gen 3 Monty

    I have been a lurker here for a while and post once in a while and I have never really done a build thread so I guess its about time. I will list mods and pics and go from there. A lot of you already know my Monty from other boards and I have posted a couple times. Its a 2003 Mitsu Montero XLS...
  4. Monstero

    Got some new Shoes

    Finally was able to get some new shoes for the Paj. I just finished mounting them up. Will get to try them out next weekend on a run. They should be just a teeny bit grippier than my procomps were. Cant wait:smiley_drive:
  5. Monstero

    Gen 3 Rear Bumper

    Well I finally got around to finishing up my rear bumper this past week. It has just been tack welded. I decided to finally finish weld it and got it matching my montero. It just had black rattle can paint and so I herculined it to go with the rest of the monty. Anyways here are the pics.