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  1. Dirtytires

    Hella offroad lights and lightbar

    I have 4 hella light for sale. They are spot lights. New condition, used a few hours. I would like to get 200.00 obo for them . I will ship them . I also have a 4 tab light bar that was on my truck for sale( smitty built) It will fit all Ford f150-s ( 99-13) like new. First 85 greens takes it...
  2. Dirtytires

    Toyota Tacoma Custom Rack

    Heavy duty and built well. 125.00 It weighs about 100lbs to ship but as long as you pay for it I will ship it. Will fit 2005-2011 Tacoma.
  3. Dirtytires

    Nfab 4 tab light bar

    I have a Nfab four tab black powder coated light bar for sale. I am asking 75.00 plus shipping. Light bar is like new. I sold the Tacoma. It will fit the 2005 -2011 Toyota Tacoma. Thanx, Craig
  4. Dirtytires

    Toyota Tacoma Custom Rack

    I am selling my Custom built Headache rack . It was built for a 2nd generation truck. This thing is heavy steel. Weight is about 100 lbs. Rack is in perfect shape. No dents. The rack has 4 tabs for mounting whips or lights. I am asking what I paid for it to be made. $ 275.00 I can ship if...
  5. Dirtytires

    Putting POWER to the trailer.

    I need some advise on performing this operation. I am melting wires and fuses left and right. Setup: I have one deep cell Marine battery. I have attached to the trailer a fusepanel. I keep burining wires when I wire the lights up? Do I need to have a fuse between the battery and the...
  6. Dirtytires

    Water tanks

    I have a ten gallon water tank .New never used. I have a twenty gallon water tank. Never used. Willing to barter or trade for 3 Military water jugs. Thanks, Craig.
  7. Dirtytires

    Pics of your H20 setups

    Looking for ideas for water tank setups. All pics welcomed.. Craig
  8. Dirtytires

    My new Ammo can grill

    I cant wait to use it. Another great product by my friend Tim..
  9. Dirtytires

    what did you do to your trailer today?

    Just thought we should have our own glam show.. I did nothing to mine but look at it wish we were about.
  10. Dirtytires

    Luray Caverns

    The boys and I love to go places . So we packed up the truck and headed to the Caverns. A few pics.. Much fun was had a a good place for the family.
  11. Dirtytires

    My little turtle build( revision)

    I bought this thing from the Military. This is what it looked like when I brough it home. ^^ Started to gut the trailer and to clean it up. After stripping the inside. And removing everything. I put in a treated wood floor. Then started to clean the outside up. Not that much rust at...
  12. Dirtytires

    Ammo can stoves.

    I just picke this up today. A friend makes them. Made in the US, using US products. You cant get better than that. I plan on doing a field test on Friday. Just wanted to share it with you all. Kind of like a new toy.. :wings:
  13. Dirtytires

    Trailer RTT frame

    I have a few question about putting a frame on my trailer for the RTT. 1) Is there an indusrty standard for size of frames? 2) Are there any Pro's and Con's with building one, compared to buying one? 3). Why does no one make a basket or roof racks for the Tacoma AC? 4) What type of metal...
  14. Dirtytires

    Fire Extinguishers Inquiry.

    I am wanting to know what the community thinks about the storage of them, and the use and abuse of them on the off road trailers. Horror stories welcomed..
  15. Dirtytires

    Anyone on the Forum do decals?

    I was wondering if there was any one on the Forum that would be interested in doing a few large decals for me? I want two for my trailer and one for my truck. I would rather suppport a local member or business rather than a Ebay or other site.. Thanks, Craig
  16. Dirtytires

    Roof Racks For Tacoma

    I have a 2011 Tacoma Access cab 4x4 truck. I want to put roof racks or perhaps a basket. I googled such and I was not able to find anyone that makes them for the AC. Is there a reason why? I really want to be able to utilize the space for storage during trips and such.. Any ideas and...
  17. Dirtytires

    My trailer Build

    I started off by purchasing this ugly little thing from GL For A whopping 150 bucks. The first thing I had to do was clean this ugly ducking up. I power washed her. Power washing was almost a yucky thing to do., All the old cheap paint flaked of. So now I have orange peel. Problem was solved by...
  18. Dirtytires

    Barn Doors on A M101a1

    I was thinking how much of a PITA the gate on the trailer is. I was thinking of taking the gate and cutting it in half to see how I could make them barn doors. Kind of like the ones found on old Suburbans. Besides hinging the top and bottom of each door, how would I stiffen up the top...