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    Fridge with digital temperature control?

    Hi all, Anyone know if any 12v fridges have a proper digital temperature control system to hold a reasonably steady temperature? Would prefer upright but would be happy with chest options as well. I've had Engels over the years but I'm sick of constantly adjusting the dial to stop warm or...
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    Teardrop Camper Layout Design

    Hey all, My partner has decided that a Jeep and a swag just aren't cutting it anymore for camping trips. We had a good run, but looks like I need provide a little more luxury now. Looking at our options it seems a teardrop camper meets our needs best. It gives us the ability to tow it with...
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    Bike Rack Market Research Quiz

    Hey guys, I need to do some research on the bike rack market. Any chance you'd be able to take a minute to fill out this quiz for me? There's only 6 questions and NO personal details are required. Admins if this is not allowed let me know and I will...
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    Bike recommendations

    Hey all, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for starting my search for a bike! I'm a downhill rider looking to do a few long multi day rides and a little bit of the harder cross country tracks. The problem i have is I've ridden some x country bikes and hate the "forward"...
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    Electric expedition vehicle

    So given the increase in electric vehicles I thought this may be an interesting discussion on the potential advantages and disadvantages of having an electric expedition vehicle. At the moment it probably isn't practical but I'm sure it will be in the near future. Any thoughts?
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    1 person tent recomendations

    Hey all, Decided to delete my old thread and make a new more specific one. I am looking for a single person tent I can use for AT/X Country skiing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking trips. I will be using it a maximum of 3 nights at a time but normally just 1 or 2. I will not use it when I...
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    Rooftop Tent Design

    Hey all, Have recently bought a rooftop tent secondhand off eBay. It is just a no name brand hard shell where the lid winds straight up. I love the theory of it, but not the execution. Looking at new ones I cannot justify $2000+ for a new one thats decent and even the one I have costs about...
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    Mountain bikes with rooftop tent

    Hey guys just picked up a hard shell rooftop tent on eBay for my Triton (dual cab ute). Nearly finished mounting it above the tub but unfortunately it overlaps the cabs roof a bit so I don't think my thule racks will fit anymore, although I could be very lucky. But I don't like them that much...
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    Snow tent on the cheap

    Hey guys, Going to be camping in the snow in a few weeks on a ski trip for the first time and unfortunately my canvas tent is gonna be about 1000 times too heavy. So I am looking for recommendations on a budget 4 season tent. I do limited hiking and skiing and stuff but would like to be able...
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    Hard sided roof top tent

    Hey, Has anyone seen someone make a hard sided roof top tent? Have some ideas for one which I will draw up but wondering if anyone else has beaten me to it. Cheers.
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    Australian multi day mountain bike trails

    Hey all. Hoping someone can help me out here. Supposed to be running trips in an outdoors club at uni for mountain biking in victoria, Australia. I'm familiar with the local downhill trails and a few other trail parks but am hoping to run a 2 maybe 3 day trip at some point which these places...
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    Mitsubishi Triton camper setup

    Hey all hoping someone can share some pictures/ideas of what they have done on a smaller dual cab ute to set it up for camping without a canopy. I want something I can easily put in and out of the tub so I can use it during the week to haul stuff around and on weekends just dump a whole setup in...
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    Most common things to break

    Hey was thinking the other day about what I should carry as a spare or improve/keep an eye on on my Jeep and thought this might be an interesting discussion. What in your experience are the most common things to break? Funnily enough I always carry a spare tire but am yet to use it. Early on I...
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    2m drawer slides

    Hey hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Need to buy/make some slides to hold a bed that extends out the rear of a camper. They need to be a minimum of 2m outreach and support two people, bed, floor of bed and roof over it. Not sure on weights yet still in the design stage but it...
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    Slide in to suit dual cab 2500HD

    Hey everyone. Dad is looking around at slide in campers and considering getting one shipped over from the states to australia. He has an imported chev silverado 2500hd (09 I think) so need it to suit that. looking for some recomendations as its obviously hard to look around. Requirements are an...
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    Living inside vs beside

    Hey. As I continually redesign my camper I am wondering whether living beside the vehicle instead of inside it would work well. To clarify what I mean Inside living essentially everything is done inside, eg cooking, eating, changing, cleaning and of course sleeping. By living beside the vehicle...
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    Hey guys anyone ever thought of rotomoulding a camper? I had a tour of a factory yesterday for an unrelated product and got me interested. One thing I am familiar with is the water filled barriers which are rotomolded plastic and pretty dam tough. The plastic is really quiet flexible and tough...
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    Attatching camper to cab

    Hey all. I have a bit of an odd jeep which I am going to build a camper for. It is basically a FSJ chassis with a bobbed CJ body and a steel hardtop split into two pieces. Anyway I am at a cross roads with the design. I am trying to keep it as small as possible but just cannot fit everything...
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    Wood stove for cooking and hot water

    Browsing the internet I came across the rocket wood stove and got me thinking about its application for camping. For those not familiar there is a close to vertical tube that feeds small pieces of wood into a horizontal combustion chamber which then hits a 90 degree bend and a vertical insulated...
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    Materials selection

    Hey all. I've seen a lot of discussion regarding different materials for construction and need to decide on my own. So I thought it would be helpful to make a thread with the pros and cons of each and some additional information and pictures. I will try to keep this post up to date with...