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  1. plh

    Seat options in Gen 3

    Are there brackets available to put Scheel-Mann seats (or similar) in a Gen 3?
  2. plh

    FS: ARB Deluxe Winch Bumper First Gen 4Runner or Toyota Pickup

    I bought this several years ago for a project and never used it. Its basically new except for a few minor scuffs from moving around my shop. Part number 3214070 3414070 Asking $800 - would prefer local pickup, but could ship potentially on your dime. Located in Milwaukee, WI. I do not...
  3. plh

    This would make a mighty fine camper
  4. plh

    ETACS Programmer

    Has anyone used ETACS programming software that could give a recommendation? Specifically 2005 Montero Limited. I am looking at this one:
  5. plh

    Rear Brake backing plate 2005 Montero needed.

    I am looking for a drivers side rear brake backing plate (dust shield & e-brake mechanism holder) for my 2005 Montero. I've only found one on car-part and it was the passenger side (bought it). Anybody have a nice rust free one that I could buy? MR510554. They both have been discontinued from...
  6. plh


    I'm building a pop top for my truck. For under mattress ventilation, are people using Hypervent? or something else? Any better deals out there than these guys?
  7. plh

    Outlander Featured in Most-Viewed Automotive Ad - Oct 2 - 8 week
  8. plh

    Looking for recommendation: Gen 3 cat back exhaust

    Title pretty much says it. The exhaust from cat back on my Gen 3 is getting pretty rough and will need replacing soon (I'va already done a few patches) would like a bolt in stainless system if there is one available stateside. Let me know what you know! Thanks
  9. plh

    Wheels / tires in So. Cal - Expo for sale section

    These would be pretty good on a Gen 2 SR or Gen 2.5 - good deal. Not mine, no affiliation
  10. plh

    FS: Morningstar SunSaverDuo Solar Charge Controller

    For Sale: Morningstar SunSaverDuo Solar Controller SSD-25 Used - but not used too much. Includes the Remote Meter RM-1 and connector cable. New these sell for $150 - how about $100 shipped CONUS - ONO
  11. plh

    Low beam headlights not working on '05 Montero

    Wifes daily driver ('05 Montero), she mentioned last night the on her way home from work both headlights quit working (didn't come on). Initial diagnosis: High beams work fine, factory fog lights work fine when headlight switch is on Low Beam & turn off on High beam - this is normal, rear...
  12. plh

    Camp Box - Not mine

    not mine
  13. plh

    Tires on Gen 3 - What are you running, how is the noise

    Going to be shopping for tires again for my '05 soon. Picked up a set of 25th anniversary wheels that will get the new rubber mounted. Planning on either 265/75R16 or 285/75R16. I'm pretty particular about the noise factor on this chassis. We currently have BFG AT T/A KOs on it. 235s are...
  14. plh

    Post your V type (camper converted) Cargo Trailer interior front wall

    I recently bought "Jeff Wanamog's" camper converted V front cargo trailer. If you all remember the trailer was damaged about 3 years ago during a tragic accident and the second owner used the trailer "as is". I am the 3rd owner and plan to repair the exterior/interior of the V front. During...
  15. plh

    Sunrader, its rough - not mine
  16. plh

    WANTED: shift lever assembly for V5MT1-3 '92 - '95

    Let me know if you have one or know where one is available. A little more background. OEM is no longer available new. Those listed on are only with the entire transmission. MB837930 is the Mitsubishi part number. Looked into welding this one today, but there is so much plastic in...
  17. plh

    SDR Ham for 10m 20m receiver

    I'm looking at picking up one of these for listening to 10m and 20m bands. Anybody have experience using this one for that purpose?
  18. plh

    Transmission bell-housing interchangability question

    I'm looking at a '92 montero V6 3.0l with a AW372 that needs a new transmission. I have a source for a free/working AW4 w/ T-case from a 1997 Cherokee. Does the bellhousing between the AW372 and the AW4 bolt on swap?
  19. plh

    What is an '86 E350 Quigley conversion worth?

    I've got my eye on an '86 E350 4x4 with a 6.9 diesel and 115K miles. Body looks to be in good condition, interior set-up like a passenger van. Ballpark - what is something like this worth? What should I look out for (besides being almost 30 years old).
  20. plh

    Not Mine: 1989 E-SuperDuty Diesel OverSized Body 1,500 original miles - $3500 (milwau

    If I wasn't headed to China today it would be sitting in my driveway. Talked to the seller - its the real deal. Yes, truly under 2,000 original miles. I didn't believe it either until I saw it in person. There is no wear on the drivers...