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    Sold - 2020 AWD Ford Transit - Van Compass Development Van - $52,000

    2020 AWD Ford Transit for sale. 148” Wheel base, Mid Roof model. 3.5L V6 N/A engine, 10 spd automatic transmission, and AWD. Van only has 3,200 miles. We are the original owner of this van and it has barely been driven. Always stored inside. This was purchased as a development vehicle for Van...
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    Sold - Van Compass Development Van For Sale 2015 Sprinter 4x4 144 Crew Van $95,000

    2015 Mercedes Sprinter 4wd 2500 144” wheel base, low roof model. 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine, 5 spd automatic transmission, 4wd with low range and under 57k original miles. I am the second owner of this van and it has been used as the flagship development van for Van Compass where we specialize...
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    "The Hoff" 4x4 144" Low Roof Sprinter Build

    Hello everyone! Rob here again from Van Compass. I'm excited once again to share another personal van build we have going on here at the shop. Many of you have seen my old Pita Van build thread here: I am happy to...
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    Pita Van 4x4 Conversion

    My name is Rob Peterson. I've been on this forum for awhile but haven't posted much. I joined this site back when I had a 91 big block E350 in the hopes of some day converting it to 4wd and building it into a cool adventure vehicle / tow rig. Long story short; life priorities changed...