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  1. mudhoneyandthenips

    M101a2 goal - turn this into an off-road camping trailer

    Just picked up this M101a2 in Western PA. Had been looking for a while and this seemed like the most affordable and hopefully a fun winter project. Plan to use as a base camp for mt. biking, surfing and exploring. Hopefully it ends up resembling a Xventure XV2. I'll do my best to update as I...
  2. mudhoneyandthenips

    Would you consider mounting a FWC Grandby Flatbed on an AT flatbed trailer?

    Considering a Conqueror NA trailer but someone mentioned to me the possibility of mounting a Grandby on a trailer. Probably $15k - $20k less. What do you think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. mudhoneyandthenips

    2011 Chevy Tahoe Check out Main Line Overland's Facebook & Instagram page.
  4. mudhoneyandthenips

    Possible to go from 20" rims to 16" rims?

    Hi. 1st post. 2011 Tahoe LTZ w/ 20" rims 275/55r20 tires. Would like to make it a bit better on the beach, all summer we use it to surf. When I air down now worried the tires are going to come off the rims. Also we are going to start towing a trailer like the XV2 and want better traction...