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    LP quick disconnect for Propex H2211

    Anyone found a fitting to go from Propex to rubber hose with LP disconnect? I think it’s a 5/16 female to 1/4 LP female. I want to use LP quick disconnect from regulator to LP female. The 20# propane tank will be on outside of trailer and I want a QD to connect for the gas line that runs to...
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    Propex 2211 Reset

    Hi All Just about to order a propex and considering the 2211 vs 2000, because I can mount on it's side, I also may install externally. I know that there is a reset procedure on the 2000 that requires access to the circuit board. Is the same true with the 2211? Thanks Mark
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    Bantam T3-C For sale (Chicago)

    Bought a new larger, sleep-in trailer, so need space in garage. Registered in IL Almost identical to M416 BUT with a Tailgate Tows like a dream. Fantastic for a roof top tent when you want a base-camp and need use of vehicle Stripped and repainted. Rewired: 12v with LED lights Extended...
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    Propane quick disconnect and 20Lb tank

    Hi All Have several items that use propane (which I take on each trip depends on duration and weather) Gasland Instant hot water heater Everest 2 burner stove or blackstone 17" adventure ready Propane heater or firepit (not purchased yet) Tired of lugging out the 20lb tank all the time, so...
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    Propex vs Wabasto Gasoline

    Hi all planning my heating solution for winter in mid west with my iKamper mini and Annex (Ford ranger with RSI SmartCap) not interested at all in diesel my choices seem to be Wabasto Gasoline (tapped into main fuel tank) or propex. Advantage of former is that you can ALWAYS find fas and you...
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    DC DC Converter for OUTPUT from LIFEPO battery

    Hi All I'm planning a small setup for my 4x4. need to be able to charge from alternator while driving and solar when stationary BattleBorn Heated LIFEPO battery (1 to start with) Renergy DC-DC On-Board Battery Charger with MPPT 2 x 100W solar panels (haven't selected brand yet) I have no...
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    Rack for Bantam T3-C/M416 for RTT

    Hi All Need to get my trailer ready for camping trip at end of May. Have an awning for my RTT, so need a rack that's going to be about 18 inches above the top of the trailer. Anyone got any suggestions for a rack that could attach without welding (ideally one you've used and how you attached...
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    Long, flexible, cold-weather propane hose

    Hi All looking for a long propane hose that remains flexible in low temps (say 10-degrees F). Ideally 12-20 feet long and something I can source on line or at local Home improvement store. It's for connecting 20lb tank to propane heater and summit 2-burner stove (with y adapter) Any...
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    Ford Ranger 2019+ Bed Rack 5-foot bed (6 weeks old)

    Decided to pull the trigger on an RSI SmartCap topper (arrives on 6th Jan), so selling my ZROADZ overland access rack for 2019+ Ford Ranger with 5 foot bed. It's an awesome rack. Paid $1695. selling for $1,000 (firm) without the LED lights (about $150 value). Available immediately...
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    DIY Telescoping Lift for RTT on Trailer

    Hi All got an Bantan T3-C and want to mount my iKamper skycamp min (125lbs). I have an awning, so I need the tent to be about 20 inches above the top of the trailer tub. I'd like to make something telescoping, so I can lower it for driving and raise it when at camp. I've seen people do it with...
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    PROPEX HS2211 with IKamper Skycamp Mini RTT (with annex)

    Hi All Considering a PROPEX HS2211 to get safe, long running, thermostatically controlled heating in my roof top tent for winter camping. I have a 2020 Ford Ranger with ZROADZ overland access bedrack. I can attach the heat exchanger to the bed rack, leave the propane in the truck bed (nearby)...
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    T3-C rear mount spare

    Hi all picked up a t3-c and the spare is mounted on tongue which puts a lot of weight on the tongue and makes it hard for one person To move. Was working in garage at weekend and through a ball hitch in the rear receiver and just hung thespare on there. Balance was fantastic and super easy to...
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    Planning to return my inreach mini - or am I missing something

    So bought this strictly for tracking and emergency. no interest whatsoever in paying to send map updates the emergency stuff is fine, but what it doesn't seem to do is allow me to track with a cell phone disconnected, turn on cell phone, open earth mate and sync that track I have to set to...
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    Black Friday deals on fridge/freezer?

    Hi All looking for small 12 fridge. anyone know of any black friday deals?
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    InReach Mini - How to Sync Tracking later on

    Hi All Just got inreach and testing before I actually NEED it. I've been walking about 3 miles to work and figured it's a good way to test and learn tracking. If I turn on tracking while not connect to Earthmate, how do I transfer the tracking data later? I have tis set to start tracking on...
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    Mounting iKamper Skycamp mini on my bedrack (and trailer)

    hi all Have the IKamper mini and security, but they don't fit my new bed rack, because the crossbars are deep. I could just get the old 1.0 brackets, but they look horrible and don't want a bolt sticking down I will be swapping the RTT between my truck...
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    Long Telescoping Swing Down Jacks

    Hi All Have M416 and need stabilizing jacks. Would prefer something permanently attached. I think scissor jacks look a bit hokey. I need about 23-inch travel on level ground, so probably need something that can do about 26-27-inches. Anyone know of anything? Thnaks Mark
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    Rotopax Gen2

    Hi All Buying my first Rotpopax. I see there's a gen2, but having never seen a gen1 I can't tell what the difference is Web site says "Same capacity and dimensions as our original 2 Gallon without the complicated twisting bottom! For those that love the shape and size of the original, but also...
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    RTT on M416

    Hi All Just got my Skycamp mini that I use on my truck bed (Ranger FX4). Just bought an M416 trailer and wondering if there are any racks that will mount directly to the M416. I need the tent to be about 18 inches above the top of the trailer, as i have the annex for it, so need enough...
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    Triger Control Wiring

    Hi All Not sure if this the correct forum looking to add a Trigger 4 Plus to my Ford Ranger. will control LED lights for cooking, bed, RTT Al the install videos I've seen say that the unit should be powered via ACC line but then I can't use when vehicle is off. Wondering how you all wire it...