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    (Yet another) '21 Ram 5500 Build

    I was heading down to Humboldt County CA to pickup my daughter from my mom's where I had let her stay for three weeks because I had gone down over the July 4th weekend with her. My wife and I left Thursday evening to head down, my youngest son and family was an hour or so a head of us while my...
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    Forest Service Crew Buggy Body

    Drug this home yesterday. Plan on doing a camper conversion with it and sticking it on an International Loadstar from the 1970s.
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    Wheel adaptors

    Got a set of wheel adaptors for a project that never happened. They are 8x170mm to 8x6.5 pattern, aluminum. They are for a Ford Superduty axle to convert its lug pattern to the more common 8 lug pattern. Asking $50 plus shipping. Located in N ID. Will get some pics up this weekend.
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    1966 Travelall Ambulance Adventure Machine

    I drooled over this rig for a couple years, it would pop up on craigslist every so often but I never had the time or money at the same time. I finally had both together and got a hold of the seller. A deal was struck and off I went on a road trip with my three kids and a dog, it was the...
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    Pioneer Tool Trailer

    Here is the start of my pioneer tool trailer build. Hope to have it ready for summer.:) Its based on a military M116A1 trailer with the old 5 lug bud style rims and no trailer brakes. I have a M116A2 to use for the newer 8 lug axle and surge brakes. The nice thing about these trailers is...
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    Expo Hummvees

    There are two Humvees on the GSA auction site in St Louis MO, 11 days left on the auction. It looks like they have ambulance bodies on them. If I knew how to put the link here I would. Maybe someone a little more computer savvy than me can. Man I would like to see one parked in my driveway...