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  1. RTO_Tracker9

    ***SOLD*** Edgestar 43 QT Fridge

    ***SOLD*** To a local Expo member. Thank's to everyone that responded to the ad! I wish I had more to sell! Again, thank you for your interest in this item! Selling an Edgestar 43 QT. Fridge for $300.00 because we really haven't used it and it is taking up space. I purchased the fridge...
  2. RTO_Tracker9

    Golight® gobee™

    Has anyone bought or used the GOLIGHT® GOBEE™ 12v wireless spotlight unit? I am thinking of purchasing one and I was hoping for some feedback about the unit? Thanks!
  3. RTO_Tracker9

    EdgeStar Portable Fridge / Freezer - 43 Qt. - Open Box

    If someone is looking for a portable fridge/freezer see below. I just pulled the trigger and hope I won't regret it! No association-I missed out on the great prices last time but now it appears that they have a few open box portable EdgeStar Fridge/Freezers in stock. The 43 Qt. size for...
  4. RTO_Tracker9

    Question: Cooking with cast iron

    Just wondering if anyone is using cast iron for cooking and if so could you suggest a brand name that has worked well. We are looking for a few suggestions pertaining to cooking techniques using the cast iron sets as well. What do you do to maintain the durability and longevity of your cast...