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  1. flyfisheraa573

    curiosity killed the...camper

    subterran...I was thinking the aluminum siding over wood as well. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, but at the same time, I can not see why it would not work. I've even thought about a minimal steel frame for strength, wood as fill in, and then aluminum siding...maybe even an epoxy...
  2. flyfisheraa573

    curiosity killed the...camper

    givemethewillys...i agree the weight would be more, how much, I'm not sure. As far as the gel-coat cracking...I don't know. As I said, I have fiberglass drift boat, that is capable of class 3 issues...take a look at the Grand Canyon dories...I also have a inshore flats/bay boat that...
  3. flyfisheraa573

    curiosity killed the...camper

    Just thinking around this...if this question has been asked, my sincere apologies, as I did not find it in my searches. Why, could one not use a similar construction method to create a slide-in/pop-top camper as they do a tear drop? as in all wood construction (in some of them) As far as...
  4. flyfisheraa573

    A little help, please...(re: MOD D90)

    I need a little help if possible, probably from the GA and Southeast folks. I recall reading somewhere, I think it has been on ExPo, that there is a Land Rover mechanic that does extremely good work, in Americus, GA, or near there at least. I can't seem to find mention of him anywhere though...
  5. flyfisheraa573

    Recaps, re-treads or what ever you call them for a JKU

    to the mods, my apologies if I landed this in the wrong place...was debating exactly where to put it, but since it is a specific question concerning a Jeep... The question on deck is about re-caps or re-treads, or whatever you personally call them. What is your opinion of them. I average...
  6. flyfisheraa573

    ex-MOD 90's or 110' needed

    Sorry for my slow response on this, between the long hours at work, re-furbing a house and trying to move, my time has become scarce. Thank you to those that replied. I'll check out the forums in the coming days/weeks, and I'll be in touch with Dividing Creek as well. Hopefully all should...
  7. flyfisheraa573

    ex-MOD 90's or 110' needed

    I have a buddy that recently purchased and ex-MOD 90...any one on here running them state-side? I did a search, but couldn't seem to find any. Thanks ahead of time for any and all help!
  8. flyfisheraa573

    Quick tire question...sorry if it's been asked

    Scott, thanks for responding I'm pretty sure they are Nitto's...not sure of the model...I'll check on Tuesday...I'll also double check the size They are take off's from a Hummer SUT...about 75% life left I have a spare set of JKU fenders to trim into flat's...I know the pinch seam will also...
  9. flyfisheraa573

    Quick tire question...sorry if it's been asked

    I need to find out a quick answer...I'm on a mobile and not in a place where I can search for the answer...mods please feel free to delete afterwards I have an opportunity to pick up a set of 325 70r17 tires cheap If I do not have a lift (factory rubicon springs and shocks), but I am planning...
  10. flyfisheraa573

    Jeep/Land Rover 109 hybrid

    Thanks for the update! It looks awesome! Wish I had the talent and resources...this is entering "dream vehicle" land for me. Great job!
  11. flyfisheraa573

    Jeep/Land Rover 109 hybrid

    any progress on this?
  12. flyfisheraa573

    AdVenture trailer: 1952 Strick M-100

    The funny thing about this...I live about an hour to 1 1/2 hours south of you two GA boys...I'd been looking for months...nary a one came up for under $850 or so (that I saw), so I decided to give up the search and go a different route...I do that, and look what pops up...congrats man! Great...
  13. flyfisheraa573

    Roof rack question, advise and input needed...

    I find myself in a predicament that I'm sure many of you, or at least some of you have. I am plagued by the fact that I can not find exactly what I want out of a roof rack, and he ones that come close to providing what I want, are too far out of my price range. So, in digging through the...
  14. flyfisheraa573

    Need 4130 chromoly steel

    I guess my point is this...sure it's lighter, to a certain extent...BUT if you have a stick of 2" w/ .095 chromoly and a stick of 2" w/ .095 mild weighs the same. Here's the can go lighter by reducing the size, which I'm assuming that you are going from .125 to .095, BUT...
  15. flyfisheraa573

    Need 4130 chromoly steel

    Out of curiosity...why 4130?
  16. flyfisheraa573

    FM82 Offroad Teardrop Build

    I like the idea of the galvanized as a protective layer; however, just a little advice, was the galvanized sheet with white vinegar, and then alcohol, before attempting to prime and paint, or the paint will not stick. It may appear to short term, but long term it will not. Great work, BTW, I...
  17. flyfisheraa573

    Jeep Comanche homemade camper

    Awesome job! Can't wait to see the rest Keep up the great work!
  18. flyfisheraa573

    Overland Expo 2013: Post Your Stories, Images, and Experiences Here! (Official)

    What kind of tent is that at :28 in the video? I think it is on an AT trailer. Thanks!
  19. flyfisheraa573

    Those that have traveled this road....advice needed..

    Septu...very good points, and it does answer my question somewhat. Argo...let me see if I get everything right here... We are a family of 5...two boys (13 & 8) and a girl (2 1/2)...I have a 4 door JK... My "expeditions" generally will revolve around the following: fly fishing, hunting...