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  1. Jdubucsd

    2001 F250 Tiger $58K. 5.4 liter
  2. Jdubucsd

    2006 Kodiak regular cab 4x4 Duramax asking $15,900. Walk in service box on back. Could be a cool build.
  3. Jdubucsd

    2006 Kodiak Crew cab 4x4 with truck camper and extras. 120K asking price
  4. Jdubucsd

    Airplane RV
  5. Jdubucsd

    2007 Armored diesel van E350
  6. Jdubucsd

    Had to post because of questions in description...
  7. Jdubucsd

    Overland truck camper?
  8. Jdubucsd

    1997 F250 7.3 PSD with cab over camper. $16,600
  9. Jdubucsd

    $22,500 for a 2002 F350 7.3 PSD 6 speed manual, supercab with flat bed and Palamino pop up camper. Only 137K miles.
  10. Jdubucsd

    4x4 E350 Ujoint rolling on 37” $45,000
  11. Jdubucsd

    Ultra low mile Ambulance conversion 7.3 IDI 4x4
  12. Jdubucsd

    4x4 Van ebay. Looks clean
  13. Jdubucsd

    $329,000 6x6 Acela Monterra GL
  14. Jdubucsd

    Older 9.0 diesel International crew cab 4x4...
  15. Jdubucsd

    4x4 E350 V10. Basic build. No frills Probably one of the longer descriptions in this post Ive ever read. Very thorough!
  16. Jdubucsd

    1999 E350 4x4 Sportsmobile with Quigley 4x4
  17. Jdubucsd

    Interesting homemade 4x4 box rig
  18. Jdubucsd

    1970 Unimog project with a Box
  19. Jdubucsd

    2006 4x4 E350 $30K Looks like a cool rig up in Fontana
  20. Jdubucsd

    Another ebay 4x4 Box ambo 6.0