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    F/S: 2006, LR3 (Discovery 3) HSE, 130,000miles, Kitted for all Adventures $15,995USD

    I am selling my much loved LR3 (Zara) to help fund my Ph.D. studies. She is a 2006, 4.4L, HSE, LR3 in Green. The vehicle is higher on her mileage, but I have personally maintained this vehicle like no other LR3 in North America. There are only a few issues with which these vehicles are prone...
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    Rare Rover -- and Greetings from a new member.

    Greetings All! I just wanted to slide by and say "hi". I found this great forum while seeking ideas and solutions to augmenting my new LR3 (photos coming soon). However, I wanted to share with you the love of my life -- my 1980 4 door classic, which I have nursed up to and over 1,000,000km. I...