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    SOLD: 2021 Black Series HQ12 - $48,000

    What is the interior kitchen countertop made from?
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    TetonX Hybrid

    I would probably buy a Teton X if it wasn't for the wait. I could handle 6 to 9 month but anything over a year, let alone two years and I am missing out on too much time I would be using it.
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    They are but they are all in Australia
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    I camp in the middle of nowhere to avoid camp grounds and do not have the option of leaving the mother in-law home. I am gonna get this figured out.
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    Yeah pricey. Just like the UEV 440
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    The Opus OP13 Option 3 looks like it would be great but probably Australia only because they have the campers I want.
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    Just looked at now. Pretty interesting. At least 10K more though. More storage and dedicated dinette inside but fully outdoor kitchen while the HQ12 is more crammed and put the kitchen inside (which my wife likes)
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    Assuming I upgrade to a Tundra anything else similar to the HQ12?
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    Yeah I am checking it out but it doesn't look like it has a cassette toilet which is big for the wife. Food the "house" model with one. i will look at that.
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    I will check it out but we have had bad luck with canvas here in Northern Oregon. It is just so hard to get dry without a big shop to open it up.
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    Yeah I am tracking but I can either afford a trailer or a new Tundra but not both. My Chalet was perfect but we had a kid and mother in law lives with us now. 1st World problems. There are a lot of options I could live with. It is the 4 person sleeping requirement that is getting me. The Tacoma...
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    Black Series HQ Tips, Tricks, and Learning.....

    What is the wheel pattern on the HQ12? 6x5.5? I am asking because I have a tacoma and if I could save some weight buy skipping the dual spares and carry one along with a patch kit that would be nice.
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    Alternatives to Black Series HQ12

    Tow rig is a 2017 Tacoma double cab short bed V6 manual with tow package and I don't want to get anything bigger right now. I currently have a off road modified Chalet A frame pop up but it only sleeps 2. I need to sleep 3 adults and a child now. Wife demands all the same stuff she has now...
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    Collection of Trailer Builds

    OK. I will play. Lifted 2001 Chalet Aurora on 7.00 - 15 bias ply Power Kings. Has a cassette toilet, hot water, 18 gallon pressured water tank, two burners, DC fridge with internal and external door, 8,000 BTU A/C, 2,000 watt dual fuel generator, 330 watt solar panel deleting one of the...
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    Where to begin?

    Cut that front scissor jack off and just bolt on this one with wheels. It rotates out of the way and will be a easy install. also the wheel allows you to move the trailer around if you get stuck. There is a lighter rated one that could work but only goes 21" high compared to this at 28" As far...
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    Why no FJ55 registry?

    I feel left out
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    Off-road Heavy Duty Casita Build

    Sent you a PM. I would like to really pick your brain on this set up.