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    AT Trailer Propex Heater Hose

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    Why so many negative YouTube videos about RTTs?

    A roof-top tent on an expo type trailer is a completely different experience than a roof top tent high up on a roof … a far better one IMO. As a long time owner of a CVT Mt. Jefferson, I just think potential buyers have a somewhat skewed skewed vision of how “easy” roof-top tents up high...
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    Actual bearings shouldn‘t be taken from inside a motor vehicle. Casual direction of travel is fine, but not bearings. For boating and flying, one obviously can’t “step out” of the vehicle … but for overlanding you can … and likely should. Nothing beats a high quality, deviation adjusted (for...
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    Partner stove windscreen fix

    I PM'd you Mike ... I'll take 'em!
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    Partner stove windscreen fix

    Unfortunately, your eBay order page brings up a message saying you won't ship to B.C. Canada. Must be a setting somewhere in the shipping preferences. But I do see this latest set ... and will order as soon as I can!
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    Cots talk

    For me, it's DiscoBed all the way. I've never owned (or seen) such a solidly engineered breakdown cot. You can get a single, or a double (bunk-bed). Built so well it'll easily go to your grandkids!
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    Partner stove windscreen fix

    I'd love to grab a set shipped to Canada? I can't see them on eBay though ... maybe a direct order with a PayPal transfer??
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    Simpler side solar with flex panels and one battery (panels on hood)

    Great solution, really the only one you have if you want a permanent set-up on this kind of rig. Your real-world experience with this installation will no doubt prove the naysayers incorrect ... this based on your practical evidence vs. the typical "well I think" evidence :)
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    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    I normally use a couple of small Bulldog paperclips on my wind shield arms. If it's really windy, I'll use one on each side of each wing ... for a total of four.
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    Is Cook Partner the best? Money vs. Quality

    My Partner stove cleans up completely in about two minutes. It's absolutely painless. You remove the burners and grate, and the entire stove is exposed for a total wipe-down, inside and out. Why would you think it would be difficult to clean aluminum?
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    Ez topper lift

    As long as the rain flap didn't compromise the actual seal when the top was in the down position, which might be hard to do depending on how wide the wall of your truck bed is. There isn't much room at all there, especially if you're using a double bead seal. I can't sew, thus my tarp idea ...
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    Ez topper lift

    Biggest weakness with the EZ Topper is the velcro tent attachment to the inside of the top of the trucks box ... it's far from waterproof (when the top is in the up position), as velcro simply doesn't offer that kind of protection from water ingress. If the number of velcro fastenings that...
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    Is Cook Partner the best? Money vs. Quality

    There is simply no advantage to solid stainless steel in a portable cook stove. Posit what stainless might do over aluminum in such an application, and you will quickly see that it will offer absolutely nothing beyond what aluminum offers. Aluminum is also lighter, and far less expensive ... so...
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    Truck Bed Size?

    Also take note that, depending on exactly what camper/canopy package you eventually choose, going with an 8' box drastically reduces your number of choices in terms of manufacturers ... as most (but not all) manufacturers don't make anything for an 8' box. There are lots of promises from...
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    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    In the end, it's the dust and water on the inside of the entry door, and the worn tires and loose faucet do have me asking the question I asked. I think there's a divide between a solidly built trailer, and a solidly engineered trailer. You can have a trailer built like a tank, but if it leaks...
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    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but there seems to be a large number of quality control and manufacturing or design defects on this trailer. Or am I reading too much into these posts describing a trailer that leaks dust and water, and has a myriad of broken or worn parts after only a few...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    $38,000.00 to $56,000.00 U.S. dollars.
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    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Dude, your issues are showing. Like I said, crawl back into your hole.
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    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    I'm not "expecting" anything from anybody, I'm chit-chatting on the internet. Crawl back into your hole.
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    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Never going to happen because some random nobody on the internet is demanding proof of something! I've read a lot of your posts here on the forum, and you seem to be pretty darn happy with yourself regardless of whether you actually know of what you speak - or not. Regardless - stay safe!