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    4d34 turbo advice needed

    Ok, getting ready to finally make my old girl more pleasant on the long stretches, just in time for a trip in September and so its time to finally fit a turbo. Its a 1996 fg639 dual cab with the 4d34 engine. Have been looking at the ebay kits...
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    No front drive in 4x4. Fg639:(

    1996 fg639, help please.... With 4wd engaged, in either hi or Lo range, their is no drive to the front wheels. Hubs are locked in, 4wd selector on transfer case is in correct position and when watching the front drive shaft it does not spin when the rear tail shaft is spinning as it should. Have...
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    1996 FG 639 dual cab tidy up

    ]So this was the start of the journey 6 years ago, bought sight unseen, flew to Tamworth and met by the owner, then a monster drive back to Melbourne in what can best be described as a slightly tortuous trip, the chinese tyres were not particularly round and the ride rough as guts! The best...