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  1. MuddyMudskipper

    RTT why so much $$$$

    I don't think its gonna happen. Perhaps it was easier said than done.
  2. MuddyMudskipper

    One sweet deuce...

    Looks good bobbed.
  3. MuddyMudskipper

    Pimp Rover

    :hehe::hehe: With a swap meet Louis (not 4) RTT and a Mary Pong awning.
  4. MuddyMudskipper

    Pimp Rover

    Box and Bubble I'm all about the Donk. :ylsmoke:
  5. MuddyMudskipper

    Pimp Rover

    A good combination of classy and subtle.
  6. MuddyMudskipper

    Look what fell into my inbox!

    I know that truck is on somebody's wish list on ExPo.
  7. MuddyMudskipper

    Bonanza Trail - Red Rock Canyon

    Pink belt. :p Seriously though, it was a good time and cool to meet you.
  8. MuddyMudskipper

    Bonanza Trail - Red Rock Canyon

    Dude, you need to just admit that you're a Nancy and your Kung-**** is weak. :sombrero:
  9. MuddyMudskipper

    LRover vs LCruiser?

    Very well put.
  10. MuddyMudskipper

    Expensive and time consuming Expo Rig

    At least he won't get a ticket for using his bluetooth.
  11. MuddyMudskipper

    Sold a mog!

    Whew! I too am glad it was the DoKa. I'm sure the upgrade to the camper Mog will be awesome.
  12. MuddyMudskipper

    Random RIG Shots

    You need neon.
  13. MuddyMudskipper

    Bonanza Trail - Red Rock Canyon

    You saw swanyo (a.k.a. Scott) and his daughter Maya.
  14. MuddyMudskipper

    Bonanza Trail - Red Rock Canyon

    Sweet write up Dave! There's a lot to see out there.
  15. MuddyMudskipper

    Land Rover 101 Expo Ready

    Neat rig. Care to elaborate on what the suspension upgrades are? I also noticed that the 101FC had been flopped. What kind of damage was sustained and was it repaired?