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  1. R_Lefebvre

    Aluminum Flat-bed-canopy Colorado Diesel Build

    Sooo... I started this build in March 2021. I blame it mostly on the pandemic lockdown. After too much YouTube surfing of overland stuff, I got inspired my Australian flatbed/canopy setups, and with nothing else better to do since everything is shut down, I just kinda jumped in with both feet...
  2. R_Lefebvre

    Molle Panel Dimensions?

    Not sure where is the best place to post this, so will try here. I'm looking for the dimensions to have a hard Molle panel cut (aluminum plate). Just need the hole size, and the spacing between the holes. Anybody have one handy they could measure up for me please? I realize the dimensions are...
  3. R_Lefebvre

    Hiking Rickshaw

    So last weekend, I tried to go on a hike with the family, and it didn't work out at all. I've got one child carrier, and I put my 1 year old 25 pounder into it. She was fine. My 4 year old, who normally likes to go on "adventures" just wasn't into it today. After about 2 miles of whining...
  4. R_Lefebvre

    Where did the "what would you do?" post go?

    ??? Just vanished?
  5. R_Lefebvre

    D2 Engine Driven Air Compressor?

    I was recently working on my accessory drive system, and noticed the big empty space where the ACE pump would go. Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to mount an AC compressor there to make an engine driven pump system. Has anybody done this before?
  6. R_Lefebvre

    Leaking Hub Seal/3 Amigos

    So, my 3 Amigos problem seems to be migrating. At first it was a bad ground. I cleaned the one behind the headlight, but the lights are still on. Now I'm getting something about a bad signal from the front right hub, bad signal, and then something about that side being shorted to ground. The...
  7. R_Lefebvre

    My first Youtube HD Video Upload

    This is my first attempt to get a vid from from camera up on Youtube in 1080 HD. The camera is a Sony HDR-XR500V. It is shooting 1080 60i. The videos look great played straight up through my PS3 to my 1080i TV. When I watch them on my computer, the interlacing is horrible. I'm using...
  8. R_Lefebvre

    Breaking a bead with the Hi-Lift?

    So, I got more crap jammed into my sidewalls making my tires leak. I decided to try breaking the bead off to clean properly, and what better way to practice with the HiLift than in the safety of my garage. I don't have that special HiLift bead tool, I figured just having the foot of the jack...
  9. R_Lefebvre

    How to store Scepter Funnel?

    So, I got myself two Scepter MFCs to use, and the funnel. The typical one, black cap with the long clear tube. But what I'm not sure is the best way to store the funnel. I need to keep it clean, probably more than normal because my Disco2 doesn't have a fuel filter. So what's the best way to...
  10. R_Lefebvre

    Yokohama Geolander A/T-S for a minivan?

    My wife's Pontiac Montana needs new tires. It came with Goodyear Eagle LS-2's in 225/60/17. There's not a ton of choices in this size, well ok there are, but they all seem to be the same, they all tend to be grand touring tires. While the OEM tires worked well on dry roads and in the rain...
  11. R_Lefebvre

    Kid broke his arm

    My wife called me at work today, she had to go pick up my son at the babysitters and take him to the hospital. He fell on the swing set and broke his arm. Poor kid. But I tell you, having a cranky 4 year old screaming his head off sure gets you through triage fast! I got there just as he was...
  12. R_Lefebvre

    You know you're wearing too much perfume when....'re driving down the road with your window down, and the guy on the bike behind you can smell it. Holy cow! I've heard many times about how much better riding a bike is to driving, because you're so much more aware of your environment. But I wasn't expecting THAT!
  13. R_Lefebvre

    Playpens, who's uses them, who doesn't?

    Just curious. I was recently informed that playpens are for white trash :elkgrin: , so I'm wondering how I could have been so wrong for so long. :Wow1: For those who aren't white trash like me, how do you keep your toddlers corralled so that Mom can do something more productive than holding...
  14. R_Lefebvre

    Nice Truck

    In one of those bored "What if" moments I surfed some European Ebay looking for LHD 300TDI D1's from 95 or earlier (15 year rule in Canada). Not much in France, so I checked Spain... hot dry weather, not rust... and VOILA...
  15. R_Lefebvre

    Getting back deleted Spot waypoints on my account

    Was trying to organize my last trip locations on spot before sending it over to Spot Adventures, and I accidentally deleted a bunch. Anybody know if there is a way to get them back?
  16. R_Lefebvre

    Rain Coats

    Anybody else having trouble finding raincoats for kids anymore? I have been trying to find one for about a year, and I cannot. I've been looking in Walmart, and all the other common retailers, and it seems like nobody carries them anymore. Or if they do, it's a real short run and I miss it...
  17. R_Lefebvre

    Bad Parenting

    Anybody have any examples of BAD parenting to share? (I guess maybe we should keep it outdoors related, or this thread could get pretty bad pretty fast!) This past weekend, we saw one. It really shocked us a little bit. We took our new daughter (8 months) on her first camping trip in a park...
  18. R_Lefebvre

    P&S lack of lens cover?

    I've been thinking about picking up the Pentax W90 camera as a "knockabout" camera. Something I can use outdoors in any weather, without any worries, stick it in a pocket of a motorcycle jacket, etc. Anyway, the problem with it, and just about any P&S I'm seeing these days, is they don't have...
  19. R_Lefebvre

    2006 Jeep Liberty CRD, Ontario, Canada

    No relation, just stumbled on this, thought somebody here might be interested.
  20. R_Lefebvre

    Hitch question for my minivan

    Quick question. Yes, it's for a minivan. My wife's. She got a 2009 Pontiac Montana, only sold in Canada that year. Basically a 2008 Chevy Uplander. It it rated to tow 3500lbs. I can get a Class 2 hitch for $170, rated for 3500lbs. Or, I can get a Class 3 hitch, rated for 4000lbs for $215...