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  1. zimm

    magnifier eye relief...

    i was just shopping new micro magnifiers for an eotech, and a thought occurred to me as i was looking at finding adequate eye relief.. the micros are shorter, but the eye relief is the same, so unless you wanna ditch irons on a AR or have an awfully long neck, im not seeing how that works my...
  2. zimm

    price gouging.

    i notice bulk 556 went from 30c to 40c a round in 4 days. i guess people are looking towards a coronapocalypse.
  3. zimm

    Is it ****************?

    Under the q&a it has a 40psi cfm of 1.96... I'm calling ****************. the 3/4 puma, the standard in cheap ******** supercomressors claims 2, and i use one so i can believe it. anyone have one?
  4. zimm

    Magazines.... the new printer ink.

    I don't mind dropping 2500.00 on a new quality subgun, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay 100 bucks for each magazine. B&T must be nuts, it ain't like the gun at that price is a loss leader. Wait until firearm manufacturers realize, they will be able to "chip" civilian magazines to operate...
  5. zimm

    Any one dumb enough....

    Does anyone know of a chart with 308 ballistics down to say... 9"? its basically elon musks flame thrower at that point, but i got an itch for a 308 pistol. remington had those xp100's in some rounds that were a tad overbore for the application, but i cant find any external ballistic data...
  6. zimm

    good seat

    whats a good seat for long days in the saddle? i never have found a traditional mountain bike, or road seat, that didnt make my willie tingle if i sat in for 25 miles of gravel grinding. i think next year im gonna ride from Pittsburgh to DC over few days and im not real excited about 80+ miles...
  7. zimm

    Alaskan repair

    this is information that doesnt belong in the original thread, so im starting a new one. ------------------------------- attached are a series of "hatchet into the new camper" pics. Im 90% sure my gamble that it was the windows will pan out. youll notice in the first pic, theres some...
  8. zimm

    Rickson wheel alternative

    For super singles. Drw to 19.5 singles. Rickson may have the worst reviews online ever. Is there anyone else making super single setups?
  9. zimm

    shadow cruiser popup question.

    theres a clean unit for sale i can score for 2000. i just barely fit, which means i fit, and yea in a tad junky, but it'll work for weekend kayak trips. the issue is my dually. its got the flat undermount rieco plates and tripod style jacks. i figure i need about 8" min extension for the...
  10. zimm

    Brown Gun

    Finally bought one a couple weeks back. I'm in love.
  11. zimm

    EP/OJ Staff, review this please...
  12. zimm

    a few LS install questions

    1. i think most 5.3/4.8 ls's have the AC pump down low. does this clear, or does it require a bracket to move it up? us the GM pump or the converted toyota i have now? gotta keep the AC. 2. my FI ecu on the 2f takes the input from the AC on, and raises the idle. is this needed? 3. my FI on...
  13. zimm

    WTB Weaver k12 xx-xx

    if anyone runs across one in some podunk gunshop, or garage estate sale, drop a vine here. thanks.
  14. zimm

    OR heated Mitts vs OR heated gloves.

    do the mitts lose their comfort advantage when pitted against the gloves, and make the finger sacrifice futile? i wanna know.
  15. zimm

    The Down I use

    I read the Down article, and while i use mountain hardware as bar gear, i notice the down i rely on wasnt mentioned TAIGA i have the cheakamus vest, the ellesmere parka, snow pants and the expedition booties. you can forgo a sleeping bag in their...
  16. zimm


    or better known by the alias, GX460. i guess its a Prado, so it belongs in the LC section. anyway. we just picked up a low mile '13. it came in off lease while shezimm was eyeing up an lx570 (im not sure about offroading those, but new lx's will make a great gameroom). she loved the gx and...
  17. zimm

    boys losing thier toys

    im surprised how quiet its been from the gun nut crowd. when obama was the clear democratic front runner, people were going crazy for firearms fearing a ban, when it was obvious to anyone with more than a childs "schoolhouse rock" understanding of the political process, there was nothing to...
  18. zimm

    back to a 60

    maybe. i had a 60 for years as a DD but i never bothered locking it, or fitting it out. what do i recalled liking? the box shape made it easy to locate the corners, and it had great visibility. the payload was square and the two piece fold up seas did a good job of being versatile, if cargo...
  19. zimm

    got a new trooper

    i could say, new to me, but its as close to new as you'll find, so ill just call it new. im gonna try to restore it to all original.
  20. zimm

    interesting find if...