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    Tire cupping

    My F250 7.3L with Goodyear Silent Armor 235/85R16 cupped on the outside edge,as did the Coopers that came with the truck. I replaced balljoints and shocks (Bilsteins 5100's and it was corrected. Hope you get it worked out.
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    EarthRoamer #116 Coming Together

    Awesome Rig, Congratulations turbopilot :)
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    Share your thoughts with me on wood/fiberglass vs. foam laminate construction

    Also, it will be just like a regular truck cap and not a slide in shell. I plan on bolting it to the bed and using compression springs on the bolts to allow for twisting. Something like this
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    Share your thoughts with me on wood/fiberglass vs. foam laminate construction

    You may want to take a look into They make 4'x8' sheets (or custom) made from recycled carpeting and laminated in fiberglass in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1". Can be painted with Sherwin Williams (written guarentee) or Gel coated. No offgassing of VOC or Formeldehyde. I am a green...
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    How to make a good camper shell?

    I plan on making my cap/camper from Nyloboard. Its made from recycled carpet and you can get it sandwiched in fiberglass. comes in 4'x8' sheets (or custom) 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1". sandwich 2" rigid foam in between to make SIP panels. I should be starting within next month, I am a building...
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    Let me see your "expedition" F250!

    Great looking truck, I hope you enjoy for many miles.
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Wow, you guys put together some really nice rigs.
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    Camper Shells: your experiences and suggestions

    Not really, only if a warm or cold front is passing through does the wind pick up around here. I have a 5'x8' tarp I attach to the roof rack which runs over top of the netting and hatchback then has two poles which are staked into the ground
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    Big custom camper sightings

    Something tells me two of these were purchased and they weren't both for his son :)
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    Alaskan Camper Build Up

    That's horrible, so sorry to hear. At least you weren't slepping inside when it happened.
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    Ram 2500: FlipPac or A.R.E. DCU 36" for Alaska?

    Sounds like a good plan, I can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    Got a truck for my Alaskan!

    looks good
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    255/85's on Fullsize trucks. Pics please

    I have 235/85/16 Good Year Silent Armor on my F250 but I live in SW PA where we have wet sticky snow that turns to ice when compressed and soft top soil. My personal preference for this area is tall and skinny. I had 315's BFG AT on my Ram 2500 and got stuck all the time. It really depends what...
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    Ram 2500: FlipPac or A.R.E. DCU 36" for Alaska?

    Have you thought about a used Alaskan Camper? Its nice to be able to stand after a while when the weather is nasty. If you go with a DCU try and get one with a Full Hatchback. I hate getting slammed with the barn doors when the wind picks up, it will also keep your stuff dry when cooking in the...
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    Tamper Proof Screws and Bolts/Nuts for Solar Panel.

    Would you be able to invert the bolt so the side with the nut is exposed and tack weld??
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    EarthRoamer XV-LTS (S for Stretch)

    Beautiful Rig, still smaller than a pusher and a lot more off tarmack capable. Well Done!!
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    2001 F250 steering help

    truck mechanic, you are dead on. My new mechanic replaced the U joints. There are so many moving parts up front that I have no idea what to look for unless I can actually see something broken. I have the Haynes manuals but their problem solving section is something to be desired. Any other...
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    2001 F250 steering help

    [/IMG]thanks for the suggestions. The truck is stock with only 81K on it, although it sat on my Dads farm for 4 years when he started to lose his vision. I've already replaced tires Good Year Silent Armor 235/85/16, calipers, brake lines and brakes. I decided to bite the bullet and pay someone...
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    2001 F250 steering help

    I have a 2001 F250 4x4 with a 7.3L. Yesterday I made a right hand turn after being stopped at a light and the truck was wandering all over the road for about two stop lights then corrected itself. I was able catch the wanders with the steering wheel so the truck would not go into other lanes...
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    Camper Shells: your experiences and suggestions

    Here's my set up for less than $5, its a hammock bug net found in any outdoor related store