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  1. SHAFT

    Defender 110 200tdi (Red Cross Rescue)

    "...trades, possible." ? gorgeous rig m8.
  2. SHAFT

    UJOR Build Thread

    Chris, roughly how many miles are you getting out of ball joints on V4? Recommended brand? I know our rigs are kinda heavy but i hate doing these...
  3. SHAFT

    Frigid Cold Start in Dallas

    shoot man, i thought that sounded pretty good. Which viscosity oil are you running?
  4. SHAFT

    Aftermarket transmission options

    Hey Gents, greetings from the middle east. So i'm deployed and my wife calls me and says "honey, i killed your baby. i'm sorry." Story goes that she had the van out for its monthly-ish drive (it spends most of its time on a charger in the driveway cuz she's got a 4runner) when it suddenly...
  5. SHAFT

    NP271. NV271 what's the difference

    to my just-had-5-beers recollection New Venture (NV) became New Process (NP), or vice-versa, and they're essentially the same company (please, greater minds, clarify). i think my 2004 "NV" 271 t-case might even say "New Process Gear Co." on the ID tag. More importantly '99 and '01 are the...
  6. SHAFT - new venture for mgmetalworks

    Congrats Michael, nice to see the PNW entering the market.... is the pic on the bottom of the site the Smith River or somewhere around SoOR or NorCal? water color looks familiar (aka incredible)
  7. SHAFT

    03 7.3 quigley

    cool man, congrats....
  8. SHAFT

    Diesel engine heat management 6.0

    Joe, i haven't run into those heat issues, but maybe it's a different climate thing? i completely forgot about coating and wrapping those pipes until i say your pics and now it's on my to do when i get home list. if you're monitoring EGT's, did you notice any before and after changes?
  9. SHAFT

    Diesel engine heat management 6.0

    I installed mine because I (naively) wanted to reduce the temps in the back of the engine bay and try to preserve the all the wiring. I didn't see any change in the doghouse temps after putting them in. I ran a thermocouple probe to the back of the engine bay, above the driver's side valve...
  10. SHAFT

    UJOR Build Thread

    just your typical super duty steering play. Not from the kit, it's always been a bit crap. not intolerable, but definitely has room for improvement. i think it's in the column or maybe the shaft that runs to the steering box though i'm really just guessing. everything after the pitman arm is...
  11. SHAFT

    UJOR Build Thread

    Chris, any chance of doing an install/overview video of this process? Steering and brakes are the achilles of my van at the moment.....
  12. SHAFT

    UJOR Build Thread

    second that, this is terrifying......i'm pretty negligent but after cutting and welding my tank, i'm still here. So i'm not negligent enough?
  13. SHAFT

    Live PIDs readings Torque pro

    Now, now Voodoo, you heard the man.... Nothing which relates to reliability, drivability, survivability should be discussed here. let's all piss off to the "which paint colour is best for house-music?" section.....ich bin sarcastic
  14. SHAFT

    Ford 4x4 Exhaust

    Hmmmm, guess you're gonna have to move out of the portland-metro where people have bigger problems..... Pics of yours for clarification?
  15. SHAFT

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    thanks Sweez, i can 60% guarantee you that i won't try to steal your mirrors if you come out. :)
  16. SHAFT

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    My girl Ellie....
  17. SHAFT

    MG Metalworks Van Build

    ......Yet! I think the more e-vans that are converted and appear around town, passing you on the highway or parked in a campground, the more buzz and demand grows. I've talked to three separate dudes lately, who've had 4wd vans in the past (factory and aftermarket) and all said that they miss...
  18. SHAFT

    Take that, Gloria! (1991 G30 Conversion Van)

    Quality, always good to have another GFOP on here.... i blame my van problem on my grandpa having a '88 beauville diesel that your van reminds me of....same interior door bag things and all
  19. SHAFT

    Which engine do you have in your Ford van?

    6 liter heater in a retro-fitted 350 cargo van. Just turned 160k and recently put a "mild" 60 hp daily drive tune in her from DP. I cannot believe how this thing pulls above about 2800 rpm. Get a 6.0, fix it so you know what makes it tick and drive it.