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    Total Composites Off Road Camper on 2019 F-550
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    $2,900,000 Unimog

    For almost $3,000,000 you'd think they would at least give you one interior photo.
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    2001 Tiger

    It doesn't look like it's in very good shape and may need a transmission but it's only $14,000.
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    Tiger Malayan
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    Does Anyone Need A Giant 4x4 Motorhome?
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    Don't Be A Tope.... Riding Mexico and Central America

    In the fall of 2021 my girlfriend and I decided to ride our KTM 790 Adventure and 890 Adventure from Mazatlan, Mexico to Nicaragua and loop back to Mazatlan. We had roughly 25 days to complete the trip once we got to the ferry in La Paz. With COVID restrictions still in place we were not...
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    2007 C4500 4x4 Box Truck

    Cool base platform
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    2018 Tiger Bengal 4x4

    I wish this is what I was looking for...
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    Wanted: 4x4 RV or Xplorer Type Rig

    I’m looking for something along the lines of an Unbound Freedom, Xplorer, or Host 270 4x4 RV. Ideally I’m interested in something less then 30’ long, has a pass through from the cab to the living portion, and is 4x4. I would prefer something with a Cummins but I would look at anything. I’d like...
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    4x4 Toyota Chinook

    No Affiliation
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    Flatbed Ford with Alaskan Camper

    No Affiliation
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    Ram Diesel with FWC Hawk Flatbed Camper

    Seems pretty capable.
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    Don't Everyone Jump On This At Once

    Don't forget it has the million mile motor so they go up in value the more miles it accrues.
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    6 x 6 Motorhome

    No affiliation