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    Por-15 opinions and Experiences

    Doing some rust repairs to my truck bed and it will be removed. Thinking about coating the truck’s frame with POR-15 rust encapsulator while it is off. Would like to know the forum’s opinion on this product.
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    Thoughts on the Chevy Avalanche

    I am curious about thoughts on the Avalanche. I currently drive a bone stock GMC Sierra 1500 single cab with a 6.5 foot bed. It has been dead reliable and I love the small turning radius. The single cab can be difficult at times due to space restrictions and would like a better way to secure...
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    Tacoma Frame Questions

    I have been driving a Subaru for the last 8 years and I am thinking about getting a Tacoma. I will be looking for a used model. I know this question has probably asked many times but what if any years are not impacted by the rusty frame issue? I will be generally looking for a 2007 or later...
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    Geo Tracker parts compatibility

    I recently purchased A 1996 Tracker from a colleague with minor body damage. I was wondering if a bumper,grill, and fender and headlight from a four door sidekick or tracker will fit a two door model?
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    Rust Inhbitor and general cosmetic maintenance

    I have a 2005 subaru forester that took the place of my four wheel drive truck when gas prices rocketed and I faced a possible longer commute. Due to lifes trials and tribulations and constant service during winters in the highlands of WV my subie needs some cosmetic attention. When removing the...
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    Moon Saddle first ride

    After giving up cycling several years ago due to health problems relating to the saddle and the pounding of WV single track I am trying out the Moon Saddle today. I will review the saddle after a couple of rides. I am going down to pull an old steel GT Karokorum from the basement with a 7 speed...