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  1. roostercruiser

    selling my burban

    hate to see it go but i need money for lawyer so i can get full custody for my kids
  2. roostercruiser

    selling the burban
  3. roostercruiser

    my roof rack

    I keep getting alot of PM's on my rack. So I thought I would post pics of it. Its 4x8x8" in size. Its made out of 1x1steel square metal. Sitting on angle iron for the outer frame. With 8 1x1 cross members smd a sheet of expanded metal on top for the floor. Its anchored to my roof by 6 legs...
  4. roostercruiser

    post your Suburban pics

    Lets see some Suburbans. This is my 87 3/4 ton
  5. roostercruiser

    camping out of my burb at 11500ft

    I recently went camping atop of Rollins Pass in Colorado. I loaded up the bikes on top the gear in back. We slept in the back of the was a odd day with the weather. There was sun, rain, snow, and a cold nite. Loaded up the bikes The drive up
  6. roostercruiser

    My Burban in action

    Some recent videos of the burban. Hope y'all enjoy
  7. roostercruiser

    Barbour Forks(trail cleanup)

    Saterday a group of us went to Barbour Forks CO. We spent the morning cleaning up the kids really got into the cleaning up the mountain. I filled up the back of suburban up and the. Others also filled up there rigs. At least this way one trail can stay clean for othersto enjoy.
  8. roostercruiser

    slaughterhouse gulch CO

    i did a quik run to slaughterhouse gulch this past saturday. there ended up being 12 rigs i think. it was fun and exiting. there was my 87 burban abd several jeeps and several toyotas.
  9. roostercruiser

    my faverite truck

    YouTube - Ein Colt für alle Fälle, Fall Guy - GMC Sierra Grande
  10. roostercruiser

    cool thing about burbans

    you can stand bikes up inside behind the second row and close the doors :victory: my new bike for $20 :bike_rider:
  11. roostercruiser

    1955 land rover

    i currently own a 87 burban but always loved the early rovers. how expensive are they in decent shape and what to look for. and do they make a aftermarket parts for them? any info would be nice.
  12. roostercruiser

    old chinamans gulch colorado 4/16/11

    i just put new axles under my rig and wanted to test them out:wings:. so two of us went to old chinamans gulch. both of us made it up with relative ease. its a real rocky trail and is rated 7-8 . the 4.56 gears and locker worked great and got me up the hills no problem. until the last 1/2 mile...
  13. roostercruiser

    Rocky Mountain 87 Burban build

    this is how i pretty much bought my burban, this is after i bought new wheels for it. It came with hubcaps. 350tbi, 4 speed muncie, 3/4 ton , 10 bolt, 14 bolt semi floating with 3.73 gears pretty basic stuff. then i put a 4 inch lift amd built a rack on top with KC's then i found an warn...
  14. roostercruiser

    $39500 difference

    my black scout cost $375 not even half the suv car payment for a month that im parked next to at work
  15. roostercruiser

    where are all the IH'S at?

    here is my 78 IH scout 2 all factory exept the soft top. it has a 345 i think or its the 304 cant tell. dana 44' front and rear and 31/ 10.50r15 on it. [
  16. roostercruiser

    04 dakota biuld

    heres is our dakota so far we put 32's and a light bar and rear lights
  17. roostercruiser

    patriot biuld?

    my friend has a patriot and cant find any biult ones. the only one ive seen is the orange show version. is it worth fixing up? if so any help on finding custom parts for it would be helpful. any pics of any outfitted patriots would be nice to get some ideas on how to biuld one.
  18. roostercruiser

    show me your flex

    heres a couple of mine:victory:
  19. roostercruiser

    1987 Chevy Suburban biuld up

    Here is my truck so far. its an 87 burban with 4 inch lift and 33's tires. now i can fit 37's under it. it has a 14 bolt rear with 4.10's and 10 bolt up front. 56 inch long rear springs. 350 TBI and a Muncie 4 speed rockcrusher tranny. a homemade 4'x8'x8" rack on top. and a Warn 8274 winch...